back to article Groupon IPO back on the cards

Groupon's IPO is back on track for late October or early November after a short-lived delay earlier this month. The daily deals site had cancelled its roadshow – the part of the process where it goes around trying to get people interested in buying its shares – which was due to take place this week. The cancellation prompted …


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  1. DrXym

    Groupon's IPO daily deal

    50% off your stock price.

  2. ratfox

    An atmosphere that will see its shares drop irrespective of the company's worth...

    It's okay, Groupon shares will drop irrespective of the atmosphere...

  3. Andrew Moore
    Thumb Down

    I name this...

    ...The Emperors New IPO.

  4. Tim Worstal

    Of course

    He's going to go ahead with the IPO.

    There's absolutely no doubt about it at all. Because they're still burning money and desperately need to get some more equity investment in before they go bust.

    1. Bernard

      Going bust looks inevitable anyway

      The key reason to go IPO as quickly as possible is to get a shitload of money out and hide it in swiss bank accounts so that when opprobrium and investigations inevitably follow he can be rich and despised rather than poor and despised.

      I don't much fancy Facebook at the valuation they're given, but they've built a business and are welcome to ride the wave that's come with it. The morons trying to flog Groupon are clearly scam artists and anyone who doesn't run a mile is going to get seriously burnt.

  5. Jill Kennedy


    Look, Groupon is doomed. The owners may as well get as much as they can before the whole thing collapses. Daily deal fatigue, deals that aren't really deals, and the fact that thousands of other companies are doing the exact same thing will be the killers of this company. They should have taken the $6 billion from Google. One of the great blunders in corporate history (at least in this current era of great corporate blunders).

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Groupon and on.

    I have to disagree with most of the comments here. There is a Groupon Buzz going around our office, talk at the water cooler etc. I can see it being very successful, so im in.

    I think Groupon will be like AOL, a BIG bubble that will take a few years to inflate.

  7. richardpm

    Groupons biggest Australian competitor (scoopon) attempts to extort a nobody

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