back to article Facebook lets users have separated social, er, Circles

Facebook slotted a new feature into the ubiquitous social network yesterday that immediately got the blogosphere arguing over whether the company was copying Google+ and its people-curating Circles function. Zuckerberg's people were quick to point out that Facebook was here way before Google got into the networking biz. " …


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  1. a well wisher

    If they pinched ideas off the Winklevosss, then why not off google

    1. Fibbles

      @ a well wisher

      Ignoring the fact that these lists have been part of Facebook for some time and all that's changed is they're now easier to access and edit. Are you seriously trying to suggest Google invented ordering your contacts by social groups? Every email program I've used since the 90's has come with at least the basic work, friends, and family categories to organise my contacts into.

  2. Ralthor


    Share a story with my family that I dont want the rest of my friends to see? In which case I sure as hell wont be posting it on facebook. Or anywhere else on the internet for that matter!

  3. dotdavid

    Page spam

    They've stopped you being able to "hide" updates from your Pages. Like many others, I've said I "liked" things as I thought it would help my FB friends buy me birthday presents and the like - not because I expected constant updates from every bloody band and product I like in my news feed. In the past you could, with a bit of faffing around, hide these posts when you saw them - an option which has recently been switched off.

    Each day it seems I'm closer to getting so annoyed that I'll leave for good. In the meantime I think I'll just "unlike" everything.

    1. DayDragon

      @Page spam

      They haven't stopped you. All they did was make your 'liked' bands and interests into pseudo-groups or linked them to fan pages.

      You can still 'hide all by ????' by clicking the X on the update and surprisingly clicking 'Hide all by ...' button.

      1. Lars Petersson

        Unfortunately this only works for some things. It used to work for everything ('friends', groups, pages, etc)...

        I suspect that what they are trying to get people to do, is to create lists that users actually want to see...

      2. dotdavid


        Unfortunately they've disabled the "hide all by ????" option on pages. That's what I was trying to say, sorry if it was unclear.

        1. DayDragon

          ahh, you mean on the actual pages? right got you. I just do it on the posts that appear on my newsfeed and then i don't get anymore posts from them :)

  4. DayDragon

    Had it for ages...

    If people would bother to check privacy settings, Facebook has had this for ages. At least for a year i've been able to assign different friends to different groups and limit that group to what they could see by using Custom rights.

    I've separated out casual acquaintances and put them in a group that has limited access to my profile already.

    I've not checked out the 'new' feature yet, i hope they haven't messed anything up.

    1. Lars Petersson
      Paris Hilton

      For years in fact.

      I was appalled at how many people I knew where amazed that with G+ you suddenly had 'streams' and effectively security groups defining who could see what, and absolutely refused to believe that FB had ha dit for ages as well.

      Especially the Mountain View Fanbois refused to believe that it wasn't Google that invented it.



      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Maybe FaceBook has had separate lists of users for years, but hardly anyone knew about it or used it. So it was a system that had good features, but so hard to use that nobody bothered with it. Then G+ came along and made it intuitive and easy. They didn't invent them, but if nobody could use the features before, then they may as well have.

        A bit like smartphones and iPhones. iPhones made the already existing features easier to use. They didn't invent them, but ....etc

        1. Nanki Poo

          @AC 13:44

          "iPhones made the already existing features easier to use. They didn't invent them, but ...."

          I think you'll find that they DID!!!!!


        2. Lars Petersson

          Lists in FB were actually quite easy and simple to use. And a lot less cumbersome that setting up circles in G+.

          You should try it, it's a great feeling to actually know what you're talking about ;-)

        3. dssf

          I have used the labels for a little while, but i still wonder what would happen if

          someday fb hosed up and exposed the names of a user's lists. For example, imagine the huge embarrassment resulting from exposure of such lists:

          -- people I cheated on

          -- people who gave me STDs

          -- people who piss me off

          -- people i can't bring myself to delete

          -- people who i gave STDs

          -- people i wanna sha*, shackle, or gag

          -- laid a few times, but never will again

          -- assholes who don't repay me

          -- sluts

          -- dickhead boss

          -- people not to mix up lies with

          -- i have a crush but refuse to blush

          -- bitch pissed me off

          -- other embarrassing titles..

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Already there aren't they?!

    Both Google+, Facebook and their vast legions of users are in a circle!

    ( Those with vivid imaginations and/or a taste for NYHC 80's bands, will know exactly which type of circle I mean! )

  6. pjcard


    Grow up reg, algorithms aren't creepy - save that rubbish for the tabloids.

  7. Jan Hargreaves

    facebook does opt-in????? i can scarcely believe it...

    1. Little Poppet
      Thumb Up

      Facebook? Surely you meant Google.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    On the subject of privacy how do you stop your posting activities getting posted on your wall?

    Having parents mention something I posted on a friends wall, who the parents are not friends of, all seems a bit odd..

  9. Graham Marsden

    "pre-defined templates"

    And, of course, Face Book will not, at any time, arbitrarily decide to change the settings on your templates so suddenly what you thought was "Close Friends Group" only turns out to be going to "Work Group" or "Family Group" etc....

  10. Wize

    I'm still fighting with the latest website update (which isn't rolled out to everyone yet). The one that stops you seeing posts in chronological order and forces you into top stories only. What a load of crap.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Fuck facebook. Not much, but all I got for those assbites.

  12. Mike O'Brien

    Top stories only.

    Yep, Top Stories only is shite, I've complained 3 times about it. And I thought it was only me and my paranoia. Why is this crap forced on us? I won't accept it and will be off.

    I did create a new account and normal FB behaviour was restored. Except I can't be arsed to do that all the time. So begone, FB, unless you revert.

    1. Lars Petersson

      Why not just turn it off? That's what I did so I could see all stories...

      1. Mike O'Brien

        Can't turn it off

        I can't turn it off, I don't have the option. That's why I'm so bloody annoyed!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Glad they didn't call them "Rings"

    ...because that has an unsavoury different connotation alltogether.

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