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With so many connected devices now carrying a DLNA or UPnP sticker, shunting media from or through your phone – to a Wi-Fi enabled music player, telly or gaming console – is fast becoming an everyday requirement. Skifta QR code   Skifta QR code Getting started with source options Some handsets have built-in tech to handle …


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  1. Rovindi


    Nice little app. Beats the arse of the Samsung Allshare app and Gmote. One negative is the lack of support for 3G. With Gmote, I can play a tune on the PC at home when I´m away - the missus is a sucker for The Cure´s "Friday I´m in love" and being a soppy fecker, I play it on the PC (connected to HIFI) - freaks the shit out of her, naturally, but it´s good for a giggle.

    Mine´s the remote-distance stalky looking one...

  2. Bassey

    Quick question

    I may have missed it but I didn't see any mention in the review of the ability to pull media from network sources to the device? It seems to be all about pulling from one device and then pushing out to another. Can I use this to, for example, access music on my NAS from my Android tablet and play it ON the tablet.

  3. Chrome

    I especially like the way it takes about 10 minutes to update every time I use it

  4. Al Taylor

    from the author

    @ Bassey

    Yes, you can use the app to play media stored on a PC or NAS on your Android handset. I should have stated clearly in my review. Apologies.

    1. Dapprman

      Local playback

      DId I understand that correctly, it can play music/videos on the phone from other devices ? (i.e. a NAS). If so does it use it's own video codecs, or just the ones default on android ?

  5. Al Taylor

    from the author

    @ Chrome - what phone are you using? The app takes around 10 seconds to launch and update on my Desire HD.

    @ Dapprman - In a word yes. When you stream media to your handset Skifta asks which video player on your phone you want to use.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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