back to article HP to refund full-price Touchpad and Pre3 buyers

HP is coughing up cash for cheesed-off customers that bought its Touchpad or Pre3 at the full price before they were heavily discounted en route to the gadget graveyard. The folks in Palo Alto are offering to honour the difference between the initial buy price and the end-of-life price on the three fondleslabs and the …


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  1. HP Cynic

    At 9.30am today UK employees had a last-ever chance to register for one of 6,000 TouchPads which had been built from leftovers since the sell-out.

    Of course the Registration site actually started working at 9:15 and was crashing 2 mins later as practically every one of us scrambled for our chance to get our hands on one.

    At least this time the HP Staff Sale was:

    1. Restricted to 1 per staff

    2. Only to actual HP staff not just anyone who'd got hold of a link

    We will know within a week if we are allowed to buy one - we can't even reserve 16 or 32 you get what you are given (almost all of them are 32gb). No 64gbs, all of those went to American Staff.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    UK Based HP'ers are being given the chance to buy TouchPads at the reduced rate this week, and those who paid more are being offered refunds

  3. ToonArmyBarmy

    But HP employees in the UK have today been able to register for one of 6000 Touchpads available to UK employees only at £69 or £109.

  4. Silverburn

    HP'ers in UK?

    Wait...haven't they all been outsourced to India yet?

    If not, it won't be long I'm sure. Stupid short-sighted PHB's...

    1. HP Cynic

      Our Contract/Area just cancelled "Best Shoring" the work for all the reasons we told them it would fail many years ago!

    2. ToonArmyBarmy
      Thumb Up

      Not always!

  5. Thomas 4


    I never get to fondle anything nice.

  6. Stuart 22 Silver badge

    Don't agree

    For people who bought the slab before the ditching announcement - this is excellent customer relations. For people who 'jumped the queue' by buying up stock after the announcement at a price they bet would be redacted - this is just passing profit to speculators and gamblers and leaves a nasty taste in the mouths of those who elected to play by the book and got nothing.

    These sharks willingly agreed to pay the higher price rather than wait. They should be held to it.

    And, no it isn't sour grapes. I did get mine through CPW which is one of the few retailers to have acted decently through this episode.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gives the wrong impression

    The article suggests that HP employees who purchased at full price (or a discounted price) will not be refunded the difference between that price and the new low price.

    That's not the case. There's a separate refund process for staff is all. Anyone who bought at a higher price IS refunded the difference between that down to the new price. I personally know three people who this has happened to, who have been refunded the difference.

  8. Afflicted.John

    It's Order date of 23rd in fact

    I was worried as I placed an order on the 23rd for one from Amazon at full price. A little upset at Amazon passing the buck but have been told by HP WebOS support that all they need is a copy of the invoice dated on or before the 23rd.

    That said, the thing is going back to Amazon as I needed it cancelled a Tesco refund last week and don't need two. No inflated eBay selling for me. I am a responsible scalper.

    But one email on the 8th from Amazon saying it would be delivered on the 15th, and yet the thing turned up the next day. What's that about? No time to cancel in my book, filled with busy days of reading this website...

  9. Andus McCoatover

    Still confused....

    ...why they canned it. Seem'd ideal.

    (Oh @ Thomas 4, who can't get to fondle anything nice. I share your pain. Fortunately, in winter where I live it's dark almost all the time, I don't see who I fondle. Especially as I remove the lightbulb. Summer == impotence. You haven't seen Girlie, you wouldn't want to, if you want to eat your lunch.)

  10. Andrew Holt

    Just got a Pre3 on contracts...FFS!

    Title says it all - didn't want the contract, just the only change I could find to get a fkn Pre 3. I'm now tied in for 2 years costing me £240 and because the phone was 'free' I won't be eligible for any sort of refund :(

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Come on - it's not exactly a surprise that operator subsidised hardware is a rip off. Also not a shock that the Pre3 is dead in the water to all intents and purposes.

  11. Paul Bruneau

    Demand curve

    > after which point demand went through the roof.

    It might be argued by economists that demand didn't change that much when the price changed.

    I propose that demand for a $100 tablet is already "through the roof", but can never (usually) be met because there is no supply (usually) at that price today.

    When HP lowered their price, existing demand for a $100 tablet was met and all supply sold out. It would have been more educational if HP had lowered the price in stages.

  12. BillG

    HP Pre3 for £69

    So, where can I buy an HP Pre3 for £69 today?

  13. asdf
    Thumb Up

    not so bad a kit

    I bought one from Amazon for about $250 and have to say as a companion to an IPAD2 (for the misses usually) its not bad. It is perfect for watching NFL red zone flash streams on Sunday on the couch. webOS is decent so its a shame really it will never have much of app ecosystem. The question will be soon will I ever use webOs after I put Droid on it.

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