back to article The Reg dips toe into social media ocean

Today, The Register's official Twitter account!/regvulture reached 5,000 followers. OK, so no biggie and never let anyone say that we are pioneers in such things. But in mitigation we are quite a big website with thousands of active commentards, albeit mostly of the anti-social media kind. Any ways, in …


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  1. Jaap stoel

    He robbed from the rich and he, gave to the poor

    The hero of Canton the vulture they call, Jayne!

  2. Psmiffy

    You know what

    I have been looking for your twitter account for ages, and no-where on this site could I find it or a link to it. I shall add it to my followees forthwith, as will I add the reg FB page.


  3. Hogwam


    What about Google+ ?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: erm....

      One thing at a time, Hogwam, one thing at a time.

    2. SuperNintendoChalmers

      Staying power

      Google+ obviously hasn't demonstrated enough staying power yet, give it 5 years or so :)

  4. Alien Doctor 1.1


    I can't decide if that fetching clothing was knitted by Lester or Lewis; my guess would be Lewis, what else do submariners do?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Knitting...

      Knitting is a manly pursuit, popular with soldiers of Ancient Rome.

      I can't answer for Lewis. But I have seen Lester whip out sewing machine and run up some curtains.

      1. Danny 14
        Thumb Up

        good point

        counts the floating fairies out then.

      2. Alister

        Re: Re Knitting

        "I can't answer for Lewis. But I have seen Lester whip out sewing machine and run up some curtains."

        Did you get him to come down again?

  5. SuperNintendoChalmers

    Which one

    This is your official one? What was @ElReg? Should I stop following that one and follow @regvulture now?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Which one

      @ElReg was set up by nice fan before we had our own Twitter feed. It's fine if all you want is a story feed. But for interaction with Reg hacks, @regvulture is where it's at.

      1. myob


        I nearly followed for the hack interaction, but it is too much like a story feed for me. Any chance of separate feeds?

        1. Antony Furneaux


          Please have a separate feeds for new article announcements. I don't need to be told about them 99% of the time. Shock/horror - I actually visit your web site to find out about those...

      2. nyelvmark

        interaction with Reg hacks

        The mind boggles.

  6. Antony Riley

    Wtf... wrong with stuffing dead animals, specially ones which died of natural causes.

  7. Tom_
    Thumb Up


    Where do knitting and social networking meet? On Ravelry.

  8. jake Silver badge


    I guess it was inevitable.

  9. Blofeld's Cat


    One site I worked on had a meeting room with no opening windows or aircon - just a slow moving ceiling fan, which did nothing to cool the room.

    During one particularly hot spell, someone stuck vulture silhouettes to its blades.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    # noobs !

    seing as you're social media noobs ... once you've got past 25 likes (which you obviously have) you can choose a prettier fb url ... edit page > basic information > username

    so you can be (or summats) instead of[ages/TheRegister/somerandomyetexceedinglylongnumber

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: # noobs !

      You are pushing us too far!

      Thanks for the nudge:

  11. yoinkster
    Thumb Up


    Article published at 9am, it's now 12.30 and the stalkerbook page has jumped an entire 120 fans!!!11oneone

    Do reg commentards *really* not use stalkerbook or are they are there fighting against the like button going "must ... not .... admit ...."

    1. Jeremy 2

      I promise you with my hand upon my heart while whistling God Save the Queen, I do not have a Facebook account.

      I like being different.

      (also, thanks for making the title field optional, El Reg overlords!)

  12. DZ-Jay

    Title tittle

    Facebook and Twitter? Really, El Reg?



  13. Law

    Admin issues!?

    Facebook pages... really... after this story earlier in the week??

    I tell you what, if you make me an admin I promise I will look after the page and make sure nobody takes over it.... honest!! :)

    "... someone outside the company could convince an administrator to give them access for marketing purposes or some other service and then take control of the Page, or any legitimate additional admins could have their computer hacked, resulting in everyone getting kicked off the Page, Cluley added.

    "If you run a Page with a lot of fans that's a big problem – both for the fans (who might receive spam, malicious messages etc) and for your firm's brand," he said."


  14. b166er
    Thumb Up

    Optional! Good work. Give me 3 months and I'll be complaining it's not there.

    Now if you wouldn't mind changing the tab order so we go from 'Email' to 'Password', without interacting with 'Forgotten password?', I'll leave you in peace :P

    Now I miss the heart icon.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Your word ... sorted, I think.

  15. b166er

    Most excellent, go to the top of the class Reg!

    Can we have a Win icon? You can have the Go-go Gadget icon for now.

    Ok, ok, I get it, I've asked too much already

  16. Arctic fox

    "Antisocial commentards?"

    Who the f**k are you talking to.

  17. Gordon 8

    Knitting & Lester

    So that's why Lester is in the SPB. Not only can he work with paper, but is handy with a needle....

    Does this mean he's sewing the balloon for LOHAN?

    What other talents does this man have (I imagine Beer drinking is one....)?

    Can we please have a SPB icon

  18. Graham Wilson
    Thumb Up

    Luv the Bootnote Image.

    Highly appropriate.

  19. Z 1

    Don't do it!

    Also, Oi! Bugger off calling us anti social.

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