back to article LG may axe up to 30% of overseas mobile staff

LG Electronics may cut 20 to 30 per cent of its overseas mobile staff in a bid to reform the loss-making unit. The Korea Economic Times cited sources as saying that the staff cuts would mostly affect marketing and purchasing personnel in the company's mobile business. An LG spokesman told The Reg that the company doesn't …


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  1. P Zero

    The problem with LG is that their cheap phones are shit. I would expect a better reputation could be obtained by releasing their cheaper offerings as no-name rebrands (while still handling warranties, etc) and then their flashier phones would shine twice as bright.

  2. John Gamble

    Set Their Washing Machine Department On It

    I have an LG phone that is getting quite elderly by now (it's over four years old).

    I don't need a smartphone (a tablet, be it Apple or Android, will take care of any smartneeds that I have), but a better phone would handle contacts and messages more intelligently, and right now LG's washing machines look more intelligent than their phones.

  3. fixit_f

    I know job losses are never nice news

    But at least it's only marketing people, it'll be a blessing in disguise they'll have to re-train and learn something useful

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      The reason they're in marketing is because they couldn't/wouldn't the first time around.

  4. jmbarry

    call me old fashioned...

    I've not owned an HTC but for years I have preferred LGs to the alternatives, and you can make them look cool pretty easily using the same methods that everyone else does anywaus, and they've always been dependable and durable. I've had Motorolas, samsungs, even the Jesus phone before I decided to switch to an android for the relative freedoms with the OS. For this I chose an optimus and flashed it with IHO-cm7 and I've been happy since.

    Its too bad they are having such trouble, I can only imagine what's driving sales of the competition has a lot to do with superior marketing. Seeing all the complaints in the Android market alone, I can't help but wonder if people know that you CAN get a phone that can look pretty AND function reliably, at a smaller pricetag as well...

    1. Edwin

      Call me older-fashioned...

      But to me, LG will always be the manufacturer of the Prime 2C card in my very first scratch-built PC.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what if.....

    LG ported their phone OS to their widescreen TV's. Rotate the sucker 90 degrees and stick it on the wall. You'd be the envy of very iWonderWhy device.

    Hell, even the blind could use a smartphone with a 42inch screen.

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Wouldn't be very successful

      You'd get a TV with inexplicable UI delays, stuttering images, and random pauses when changing channels. The EPG would be as incomprehensible as their phone book. If the aerial signal was weak (less than what it considers 50%) you'd be lucky to get an image and burn about 2000kW/h of electricity trying to get one. It would however make a random beep for every time you pressed a button and little cats blowing kisses at you would walk across the screen every so often for no discernible reason which I suppose are nice features.

  6. PeterM42

    Quality always counts........

    .............Which is why LG mobile business is in such deep shit. Make crap phones, treat your customers like dirt and guess what happens?

  7. IsJustabloke

    I CHOOSE to enoble a simple forum post!

    I've had 2 LG tocuhscreen phones.. a viewty and a renoir. The viewty had real issues in its usability but was a lovely looking phone that people often remarked upon (strange but true!)

    The renoir was a great phone, it did all that the original iPhone did plus a whole lot more but because it had a proprietry OS and software you were stuck with what you got.

    I have an android based HTC now and would never go back to an LG, even an android based one.

    Still its no fun to hear about job losses.. even to marketing types because sadly without marketing types a lot of what normal people do isn't required

    1. Zack Mollusc

      Your Renoir was a great phone? Really? Mine was AWFUL. Sluggish as a slug convention and the bluetooth was lame, too.

      I have had various scony ericcson, nokia and other phones over the last decade and the LG Renoir is easily the worst. A couple of months back, I lent it out to someone who had broken their nokia dumbphone and they returned it within a week as they preferred to buy another temporary phone.

      Anyway, it has soured me on the LG brand.

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