back to article Sun rises over .xxx smut domain

Businesses in the adult entertainment industry – and outside of it – from today have the opportunity to register or block .xxx domain names that match their trademarks. ICM Registry, which has operated .xxx since it signed a contract with ICANN earlier this year, has launched a three-pronged "sunrise period" that will run for …


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  1. Trevor 7

    The real USA method

    Send the registrar a registered letter from your lawyer notifying them of all your trademarks and notifying them that they are not authorized to use them.

    If they allow someone else to register one of your trademarks, you sue them.

  2. Busby

    $80 no deterrent

    The companies who park domains can make some serious cash. Don't doubt the registration fee will put off the little guy from trying it on but would still expect to see the usual litany of parked domains serving nothing but adverts. Well I would expect that the people who attempt to visit XXX sites would, of course I would never try to view such things, ahem.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is a genius idea

    This is basically a licence to print money - it's a great idea by ICM.

    Porn operators aren't actually interested in the domain, as it's far too simple for *.xxx to be blocked any number of ways, so their potential visitor base is reduced. Instead, by simply saying "Nice .com you've got there, be a shame if anyone registered the .xx version of it, wouldn't it?" ICM get a decent wodge of protection, I mean "defensive registration" money, and it doesn't matter how many .xxx domains are actually registered.

    Obviously the knowledgeable types - i.e. us lot - wouldn't bother paying up for this as we know there's no point, but that doesn't matter - it's not us they're after. It's the managers, the brand owners, the PR departments - all of whom will say "Oh, it's only a few hundred bucks? Just do it".

    So, who's up for registering .sex next?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      And .crap, .sucks, etc, etc

      Anyone who doesn't want one of those suffixes attached to their brand name just has to pay a few hundred dollars ... per suffix.

  4. Gary F

    Good idea, Trev.

    The new xxx TLD is more or less blackmailing businesses who don't want to have their brand associated with porn. This is a really bad move. Why are they automatically protecting the rich and famous from others buying a xxx domain with their name in it? Surely these people can afford the $200 themselves to block it. I won't be buying a xxx domain to protect my brand as a matter of principle, but I hope whoever buys the equivilient doesn't have too sick a website!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Don't worry ...

    all the really good stuff will still be on .com

  6. Sir Barry


    These domains just don't seem enticing,,,,,

    Oooh, wait a minute.

    1. Thomas 4

      I hate you

      I just had a vision of a greasy student from my local Dixions showing me a "handheld device" while naked.

      Pass the mind-bleach please.

      1. durandal

        I think you mean


  7. Anonymous Coward

    Sun rises over .xxx smut domain

    At first I was thinking… "Surely that should be Oracle rises…"


  8. Jyve


    They wouldn't let me register, though was still available last time I looked so you'd be able to have the address is gone, probably all the 3 lettered ones grabbed too. would have been an awesome email address too. Oh well. could have been greate for some email filter testing/spam collecting!

    Which also makes me wonder, is anyone going to have non-www things going on with .xxx? Are people going to have email addresses? And would having a .xxx be MORE or LESS likely to get spam email?

    Very curious how this plays out from, uhm, a purely technical aspect. Yes, that's it. Purely technical.

    (seriously, how could would have been!)

    1. Hellcat
      Paris Hilton

      this is content..

      I agree... it would have been very could. Or cool even :) would be an epic address to send people to.

      I'm curious to how the whole pr0n vs non-pr0n would work. Could a manufacturer of tubes designed especially for transmitting red light be able to stick some scantly clad ladies on their homepage and win the rights to

      Paris, because she's probably got to go to arbitration against herself.

  9. Jungo Merry

    Cheap Shot

    Love the sub headline....And I thought this was a serious Organ.

  10. The BigYin

    Dear MP,

    I am shocked and disgusted that my Timmy can see ".xxx" on his Internets. This is simply pushing vile and disgusting porn to our children and raising a nation of paedophile rapists.

    I must insist that the UK government immediately ban this vile filth from our shores. Without such a ban in place to protect the children, the UK government is saying that it supports the idea of importing raw-filth into the homes of decent, up-standing Britons. This is really a terrible stance for you to take.

    Ban this sick filth now!

    Yours sincerely,

    Angry of Barking

  11. Graham Bartlett

    Resolving conflicts

    "When two or more applications are made for resolving .xxx domains, the applicants will have to fight it out at auction."

    Surely there's more appropriate ways of doing it. Naked wrestling, perhaps? Or just have each company make up a "Top Trumps" set from their stars characteristics, and play two out of three for it.

  12. Paul Woodhouse


    Wonder if there's any brave souls going for

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Wouldn't it just have been easier to say that you can't have the same name under both .com and .xxx?

  14. Lockwood


    "Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy"

    When talking about porn sit-

    Never mind.

  15. Bill P. Godfrey

    Must stop writing that when describing how to connect to web server on a LAN.

  16. Duncan Hothersall

    I fervently hope

    that Prince Edward is at this moment reserving for his Earldom domain name. And some enterprising candlemaker must be considering

  17. kain preacher


    Can I register

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