back to article Korean antitrust agency raids Google over Android

South Korean regulators have reportedly raided the local offices of Google as part of an ongoing investigation into claimed anti-competitive practices by the search giant. According to the Financial Times, officials from the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) visited Google this weekend to ask questions and gather information …


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  1. scarshapedstar


    I nominate this post for Best Korean Dog-Eating Joke of the Year.

  2. xanadrew


    Search the Android Market for Bing, install, and bam, you've got Bing... What's so hard about that? Also, only the Google branded versions of Android come with Google Search pre-installed... Why would someone buy a Google branded phone and then complain that you can't remove Google search from it? If you don't want to use it, you just don't use it. Makes no sense...

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Seriously?

      Sir/Madam, you misunderstand. It is not the end consumer that is complaining, it is the rival that wish to have their products on the local phones but are unable to do so because of -what they believe to be- anti-competitive tactics from Google. Note that this is different from allowing the end consumer to download the application from the online store, they want their product to be on the phone by default.

      they are trying to get their own products on the local phones, but OEMs are refusing to consider it. The investigation will try to reveal the reason for the refusal (hopefully).

      1. xanadrew
        Thumb Down

        Re: Seriously

        No, I get it. They also said, "...Android made it almost impossible to remove Google’s own search tools" according to the article. That aside, Verizon makes Bing the default search on a number of their Android phones. AT&T Is making Yahoo default search on it's Android phones. Most of the Android phones in China default to Baidu. It's not up to the OEM what is bundled for the most part, it's up to the carrier, and Google doesn't get in their way. Sure they push their own products, what company doesn't?

        1. a_been

          Those arn't the Androids you are looking for

          Those arn't Android phones. Android is a trademark owned by Google. The Chinese phones arn't called Android. If you want to use the Android trademark you explain to Google why you need Yahoo for instance as the default serch. In the case of AT&T that's simple, you say that AT&T wont subsidies the phone otherwise and Google backs down since it still has a whole load of other Google apps on the phone.

  3. Spender

    re: Seriously?

    @xanadrew: Of course it makes sense. Do you think it's a coincidence that after Microsoft faced similar actions over Internet Explorer that the browser market has moved to a more healthy state of competition?

    1. xanadrew
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      Re: Seriously

      Just because it happened before, doesn't mean it makes sense. It didn't make sense then, and it doesn't now.

    2. Old Handle

      Yeah, I do.

      Considering M$ was never forced to do any substantially different in the States* yet the browser market has changed here too, I think it's fair to say this wasn't really the main reason.

      *They added a mechanism to disable certain pre-installed programs after the fact, which is almost totally useless.

    3. a_been

      Microsof stood still, the world did not

      MS did bugger all to IE for 6 years while other browser makers kept improving their products, thats why MS lost market share.

  4. Daleos


    ...wondering just how many local search options there are on a Korean iPhone.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      seeing as only Apple make iPhones, i can't see Apple complaining about its own choices for default search options

    2. a_been

      What's Apple got to do with this?

      Also Google pays Apple to be the default serch. I'm sure if the local serch engines are as good as Google and offer more cash Apple will be happy to take their money.

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