back to article Hitachi GST ships terabyte platter-spinners

Hitachi GST is now shipping internal fit, terabyte-per-platter drives. Back in May Seagate announced it would ship a terabyte-per-platter Barracuda by the mid-year point, but production problems are still delaying this bumper Barracuda bundle. Oddly Hitachi GST is only shipping single-platter versions of these new drives, …


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  1. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    Sizes !

    At the top it says: "terabyte-per-platter drives"

    Then it says: "have 250GB to 1TB capacities"

    How does that work? They are fitting ¼ of a platter?

    Doesn't that cause vibration problems? :)

    Seriously I'm not impressed; just ordered a bunch of 7K3000 and am still waiting for them. Should've waited!

  2. Jon Massey
    Thumb Up

    Give me Five!

    C'mon Hitatchi, put five of these in a drive with 64MB Cache and I'll love you forever

This topic is closed for new posts.

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