back to article Righthaven struggles in court and at home

The notorious patent copyright troll Righthaven, founded on a premise that newspapers could assign their rights to sue for copyright infringement without actually assigning copyright, is suffering on multiple fronts. In US District Court in Denver, Colorado the US firm's latest setback is following a now-familiar pattern: a …


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  1. Oninoshiko

    Is this article correct?

    "Notorious patent troll Righthaven"

    Uhh, what? I don't think Righthaven has ever done anything with patents.

    Repeat after me:

    Patents are not copyrights are not trademarks.

    1. Sol Rosinberg

      It's a general term

      I think the term "patent troll" is generically used for people who gratuitously sue people over patents, copyrights, and the like. The better term would be IP troll, but since IP has different meanings (Intellectual Property or Internet Protocol), most people stick with "patent troll".

  2. TheRealRoland
    Thumb Down

    Might I ask the author...

    to read the articles posted underneath his, under the heading 'related articles'. Nowhere in these is Righthaven characterized as 'patent troll'.

    Copyright troll, or Copyright enforcer, yes...

    Probably a Freudian slip or something.

    Would like the option of selecting multiple icons -- too difficult to choose only one ;-)

  3. frank ly

    Thank you Richard,.......

    for introducing me to the word 'stouch'.

    (Mine's the one for getting out more, which is what I need to do)

  4. Will Godfrey Silver badge


    What a sad {titter}{titter} state for poor {snort} old Tightcraven {hoho haha}.

    I'm so upset {chortle} that things just don't quite {haha}{snort} seem to be going as they quite reasonably {hahahahahahah}{wheeze} expected.


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