back to article Battered Sony hires cyber-security chief

Sony is beefing up its security staff after the devastating hacking attack in April that crippled the Playstation Network for 23 days and led to the potential exposure of millions of users' account information. The company has picked former US Department of Homeland Security exec Philip R Reitinger to fill the role of senior …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    I predict...

    ... daily pat-downs and general harassment of every sony employee and every visitor.

    The DHS *knows* about security and the terrorist in you.

  2. adnim

    Is it possible

    to hire just one person that can understand and has mastery over the whole IT infrastructure of a major corporation? Maybe this bloke will indeed hire sufficiently adept personnel in sufficient numbers to ensure some kind of security of the corporations IT systems. Employ one Jack of all trades or several masters of one... Which would you chose?

    I like to think I am smart (after all, I do have an IQ in double figures), however, I do realise I only think I am. I could secure Sony, but they would have to let me employ some people far more clever than I.

  3. the old rang
    Thumb Down

    Sony still needs to learn about security...

    The claims to fame, this person has, are Microsoft, and Homeland Security...

    Homeland Security and Microsoft security, are oxymorons of the first order.

    No matter what else is said, I always see, the same errors in security for Microsoft, unchanged since the early 1990s.

    Even now, they are violating customers' privacy, by tracking, illegally.

    Homeland Security is run by the current administration, doing so well, ruining our country...,

  4. BrentRBrian

    Crony cheaper than lobbyist ?

    So, is hiring a White House Crony cheaper than hiring a lobbyist ?

  5. Gio Ciampa

    Does this guy actually know what he's doing?

    Given that NASA, the Pentagon, et al are still as full of holes as they were 10 years ago when Gary McKinnon waltzed in...

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