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So it’s come to this. After a potentially brand-saving buyout by HP and the launch of a well-received – at least critically, if not commercially – operating system with webOS, Palm is finally on the way out. HP Pre 3 End of the line: HP's Pre 3 Recently, HP announced that it is discontinuing webOS and besides the Touchpad …


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  1. Robert E A Harvey

    and once again

    and once again, the short-termism inherent in a stock-market driven economy that only cares about quarterly results has grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory.

    I am immensely saddened by the whole sorry fiasco

    1. ThomH Silver badge

      More medium-termism

      The original Pre launched in mid-2009, so WebOS has had more than two years to fail to reach a critical mass. Or nine quarters if you prefer to look at it that way.

      It's sad and unfair that it's turned out like this, but compared to the Microsoft Kin or even to less extreme tech failures like the 3DO, the PowerMac G4 Cube or Google Wave it was actually given a reasonably decent amount of time to try.

      1. joejack

        Was it WebOS that failed?

        I don't think so. I was excited about the initial launch of WebOS, but kept waiting for a nice phone to go with it. The tablets really aren't worth more than the firesale price, either: no expandable memory, no HDMI out, underpowered, crappy screen resolution (as with most other tablets). The original asking price for phones+tablets was also absurd given the lack of apps. Maybe if they'd released nicer hardware at a loss FIRST, the developers would have followed?

  2. Scott Aubrey

    Skype is integrated

    " There’s also another camera on the front for video calling, however, the promised Skype doesn’t seem to have appeared in the App Catalog."

    The Skype is integrated into the phone app. It's rather slick actually.

    Try adding a Skype account in the accounts preference app.

    1. David 135

      When Skype works...

      Yes Skype is integrated, but if you're like me you'll find that the network connection isn't as reliable as it could be, resulting in problems as it leaves you logged out of Skype and not making this clear.

      When it's working it makes Skype an integral part of contacts and so on. When it's not, your Skype contacts just disappear and it's hard to get at the Skype details to try to get it to reconnect.

  3. NellyD

    What an improvement...

    ...over the TouchPad "review". I only read through this the once but I don't recall it repeatedly comparing the Pre3 to an iPhone. Anyroad, I digress (and whitter).

    A couple of points on the review:

    1) HP hasn't (allegedly) given up on webOS. Rather it's the hardware side of things they've dropped like a hot shit sandwich. They are continuing development and support the OS. That's what they're saying ATM anyway. OS updates are due soon and they're advertising for more webOS developers so they may not even be fibbing.

    2) You don't install Skype from the app catalog. When you add in your Skype account (craftily hidden in the "Accounts" app) that's you done. Skype contacts sync down and get merged in with your existing ones and you can phone or message them through the normal phone and messaging apps. No need for a separate Skype app. Which is nice.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    not banned?

    surprised this hasn't been blocked from sale by Apple - after all, it does everything that Apple would wish their kit to do in the forthcoming years - its far more useful than iOS in so many ways (integrated Skype, messaging etc) - that said, if it was successful dozens of other companies would come out of the woodwork claiming patent infringement :-(

    shame. as the article said, the market NEEDs competition.

  5. Bad Beaver

    Well, thanks

    75% is a little on the low end then, eh? I guess the rating is due to HP and not to the device itself. Thank you very much for rubbing in that this is a very decent device and was actually worth the wait, ONLY THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET ONE at a sane price. My disregard for HP grows with every passing day. I can only begin to imagine the fury burning inside those actually invested in the platform. I cannot remember seeing a brand doing so much deliberate damage to itself in so little time.

    1. Ralph B

      Self-Harming Brands

      > I cannot remember seeing a brand doing so much deliberate damage to itself in so little time.

      Have you looked at Nokia recently?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Amazing phone especially for the price

    Mine just arrived today. Had a Pre2 and Pre before that. What a shame HP couldn't give this phone a chance, it's really great.

    I know there's some concern over the future of webOS BTW HP have promised to keep going full steam ahead on the software. If theyh can't find a licensee I expect them to abandon it quickly.

    That said, and remember this phone is FREE even on a very cheap plan with Vodafone. There is no better 'out-of-the-box' smartphone available. Honestly it can run rings around the iPhone and Android. Even if it never gets another app published, it's still an incredibly productive phone. And on the current Voda deal just look what the alternatives are.

    Skype works perfectly so far. Like so much else with webOS, you don't need an app. Just sign in to your account in er... accounts.

    Did you guys mention the autofocus in the camera? And it does touch to focus also.

    1. cloudgazer


      If you believe HPs claims that they're not giving up on the platform then I have a bridge in London to sell you.

      1. NellyD

        Never gonna give you up

        ^They haven't given upon it. Yet. Typically, when giving up on something, you wouldn't look to hire more people, only then to fire them. Mind you... HP doesn't exactly do anything in a sensible nor predictable manner. How much for that bridge???

    2. technophobe
      Thumb Up

      RE:Amazing phone especially for the price

      I agree, got mine from e2save yesterday on vodafone contract with cashback redeption so is increadable deal (works out at approx £10/month) for a now exclusive smartphone which is something different and better than the plethora of iphones, blackberries & androids out there. I'm a bit of a technophobe and find WebOS very easy to use :-)

  7. Tejekion

    At least Leo is consistent!

    He's ruined SAP before getting the boot, now he's going to do the same to HP. LOL That's what they get for firing Hurd. I mean I didn't necessary like Mark Hurd either, but at least he knew how to run a company. Now that I think about it, Leo is about par for the course as far as CEOs go. There's something wrong with them if they aren't running a company into the ground seems to be the general concensus among large companies.

    Guess that's why so many get paid millions while the company they're managing go bankrupt.

  8. Nick Galloway

    Name change

    Perhaps they could re-release this handset and call it the 'eulogy'?

  9. lard
    Thumb Up

    Great phone :-)

    I just wanted to say that the HP PRE 3 is one of my favourite phones to date. Being a long time PC and OS X/iPhone developer, I was a total Apple fanboy. When the HTC Desire arrived I thought I would get one to see how it compares to the iPhone. After a couple of days it went back in the box and sits in the cupboard. In the recent HP Touchpad fire sale, I managed to get hold of one. My wife uses my iPad so I wanted to get another tablet and the HP looked interesting. For some reason I just love WebOS and enjoy using the tablet so I thought I would go get a Pre 3 to see if it is just as good and I have not been disappointed yet. Now my wife has my iPhone 4, my 3GS is a backup phone and the Pre 3 is my pride and joy. Its fast, multi tasks and the card system is a joy to use.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    That thing looks about

    as fat as Your Mom.

  11. rogerpjr

    News & Media

    Of COURSE it's too late now, the company has abandoned the product line. BUT one can't help but wonder if this little treatise had been printed EARLIER, the effect would have had. To be fair, ONE periodical might not a difference make. But one begets another, and another, and... However we will now never know. will we..

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