back to article IDC numbers show chink in NetApp wall

IDC's second quarter disk storage revenue numbers show NetApp and Dell both losing ground. These numbers measure worldwide factory revenues for external disk storage systems and for the total disk storage systems category. Differences are revealed by contrasting the year-on-year second quarter growth numbers and also by …


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  1. kosh

    no longer recommending netapp

    Having done so frequently in the past, I am not currently recommending NetApp to my consulting clients; for three reasons:

    1. They've totally dropped the ball on delivering the shared-nothing cluster capability in OnTAP 8.x. It is way behind schedule and the release is looking half-baked. Whether the development group has run into insurmountable technical difficulties, lost some key talent, or suffered from BigCo processes (rather than being allowed to innovate like a startup) I cannot say but I fear a mix of all three.

    2. The management UI has always been crap and despite repeated promises to develop a high-quality modular interface, it remains crap. I think they hired too many developers with a Java Enterprise background. Oops.

    3. Even with VAAI the integration with VMware remains saddening. It's so easy to imagine array-assisted snapshot/clone integration for zero-copy backups & VM management. The prospect remains unfulfilled, unlike in Citrix/Xen land. VMware shares the blame for this but with the HQs twenty minutes apart I remain unimpressed by VAAI.

    Alone I guess my recommendations haven't contributed more than a few $m to NetApp's net worth, but other like-minded infrastructure consultants may be expressing similar concerns.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      And what are you recommending?

      Maybe you can enlighten us with your recommendations for storage better than NetApp (backed by technical data not BS like you just wrote...

  2. radurb

    Apples vs Oranges

    First of all congratulations to EMC for a very strong 2011H1. Note that NetApp's organic market-share gains here are 2nd only to EMC's Data Domain & Isilon acquisition-driven gains.

    However, the NetApp revenue comparison here is misleading. Not only are IDC numbers always mis-aligned with NetApp's fiscal quarters, but the important Engenio acquisition ($750M in OEM revenue for a cost of $480M) is not factored into these results yet.

    I believe by the end of 2011, IDC will better reflect NetApp's true revenue & overall market-share gains.

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