back to article Cloud Security Alliance crosses the Pond

“The cloud agenda has to move beyond the security field and into business,” says Jacqui Taylor, freshly minted director of communications for the UK and Ireland wing of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). “There is an education process that has to be done, and it needs an independent voice. That is where we come in.” A not-for …


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  1. 5media

    Cloud Security issues

    Microsoft Fears Cloud May Not Be as Secure as it Appears to Be

  2. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    Oh, get real

    Let's call the CSA for what it really is: an attempt to straddle two bandwagons at once.

    Cloud security is by definition at best a vague concept, but the CSA will no doubt bring out papers that will allow the bold and clueless to add a slide to their presentation to management about why cloud computing isn't the biggest security hole since the invention of Microsoft Windows.

    Those who don't realize that have their heads, well, in the clouds..

    Let the flaming begin..

  3. JacquiT

    All voices welcome

    I'm disappointed about your negative comments as the CSAUK and Ireland team intend to ensure that people are better prepared as they move to the cloud. Provided you make the appropriate choices your move to the cloud can be done without increasing the security risk.

    You are most welcome to join the CSA and have your voice heard, here is the link to register as a member for free.

    Jacqui Taylor

This topic is closed for new posts.

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