back to article Solwise Net-3G-A10 HSPA Wi-Fi router

So the Solwise-sold, made by HameTech A10 isn't a sexy looking as Three's MiFi, but it's the same proposition: a 3G modem with a built-in Wi-Fi router. Solwise Net-3G-A10 It's an easy way to bring internet connectivity to devices that lack USB ports or have no cellular links of their own. Or, like me, you travel overseas and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Why are people dumb enough to buy these things? +£5pcm for unlimited data on most mobile plans then tether to the mobile... not a separate +£20pcm contract and £80 Device!

    IF its the battery life your worried about a spare mobile battery costs less than this device. and so do a lot of portable power pack devices.

    I just don't get it.

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      People who travel with locked phones?

      Many people have phones that are locked and/or have ferociously expensive overseas data roaming rates.

      On a recent business trip I picked up a 1GB data SIM for €15. The same amount of data on my O2 contract would have been 10x more expensive. Had I been with a colleague he/she could have shared it making further savings.

      If I'd put the SIM in my phone my UK number wouldn't have worked and I'd have been uncontactable.

      So, it's about giving people options.

    2. Anonymous Coward
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      It is probably aimed at users of multiple devices , I regularly travel with a laptop , ipad , iphone and blackberry ,this would be ideal fitted with the company SIM from the laptop.

      It would be even better if it had an ethernet port as well for sharing hotel fixed broadband.

      1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

        Re: untitled

        >It would be even better if it had an ethernet port as well for sharing hotel fixed broadband.

        FWIW, I use an Apple AirPort Express for that.

    3. J. Cook Silver badge

      Another reason.

      Locked down phones, primarily. Either locked down at the phone level by the vendor, locked down because of an unwillingness to pay redonkulous data charges, or locked down due to the type of account it's on.

      One of these devices is my only way to doing a mobile hot-spot, because the plan my company provided HTC incredible is on doesn't even have the _option_ of adding the mobile hotspot package to it, even though the software is built right into the phone. (same thing with the more traditional tethering, as well. )

  2. Phil Bennett


    From the article...

    "Or ... you travel overseas and are keen to use a smartphone's net-connected apps without getting stung by roaming charges but don't want to mess around swapping Sims."

    PAYG data in most countries, while still horribly expensive, is much much cheaper than roaming. At £5+ a meg, it doesn't take long for £80 to look like a bargain.

  3. djberriman
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    And its not that good

    From tests I've seen this ONLY works on 3G, no 3G no connection.

    Try a Zoom We 3G instead, smaller and works on any mobile signal.

  4. djberriman


    If you want one you can connect to ethernet and use 3G if its not available then try one of these.

    They are cheaper, a little larger and work well.

    I use the NET-3G-ESR-6650, great little router with 3G backup.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    I was pleasantly surprised... find my HTC Android phone has this feature built-in. My employer pays the phone bill so not bothered about what the data charges are. :o)

  6. Mike Tree


    I too have found it only works on 3G

    Have to rethink my options.

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