back to article Toshiba: Europeans to get specs-less 3D TV by year's end

Toshiba's specs-less 3D TV, the 55ZL2, will be out in Europe by the end of the year. The 55in set, a smaller version of which was demo'd in Rome earlier this year, packs in four times as many pixels as a 1920 x 1080p TV in order to present a 3D image to nine different but fixed viewing points simultaneously. Toshiba 55ZL2 …


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  1. Sir Runcible Spoon


    OMG, I want one!

    I'm gonna rig it up to my PC at the full rez and get radiation burns from sitting 2 feet from it :D

  2. Anonymous Coward


    So now you'll be able to get Deep Vein Thrombosis just by watching telly from your fixed position...

    1. Brian 6

      @AC 1st September 2011 16:12 GMT

      So now you'll be able to get Deep Vein Thrombosis just by watching telly from your fixed position.. RTFA.

      " ....Built-in face-tracking tech adjusts the sweet-spot locations to handle folk who can't sit still by shifting the nine spots a little........" There is NO NEED to stay in a fixed position. And Deep Vein Thrombosis is actually caused by the bad air in aircraft and certainly not by staying in the same position for a few hours.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Not according to the nhs web site


    2160 tvs

    phoar gimme one id replace my samsung 40 inch 1080p tv any day. although thease 2160 tvs will come with a price tag which will be a ouch lol. but you never know they will end up like other products and will come down in price a few months after release. cant wait :)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Toshiba's "Cell like" processor architecture is called MeP ("Media Embedded Processor"). Last I heard it was composed of soft cores which ran on Altera FPGAs which would explain why the sets were so expensive. They will likely have taped it out by now though.

  5. Oldfogey
    Black Helicopters


    So you'll pay a fortune for a shiny new giant screen with 3d, HD, surround sound and a built in popcorn maker.

    And the programmes will still be the same old rubbish.

    I haven't had one for decades, and this will make no difference.

    I shall shortly be going away for a couple of weeks, and there will be a telly. I expect this to confirm my usual experience that I watch it a bit for a few days, and then start to forget that it's there.

    The black helicopters will be round to check that I really don't have one.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    How about £5500 - i.e. £100 an inch. Bargain. Now why do I have to wait until December ?

  7. jon 13

    nice pics

    Is that the best picture they could use to advertise their TV ? I like the "fake transparent laptop/tv/ipad/etc." picture meme that's been ongoing since at least 1999 but when the enhanced image on the tv destroys all the highlight and shadow information is this really a great way to sell the picture quality? Or is it contrast at all costs ?

  8. Graham Jordan

    If anything it paves the way for more specs-less TV's

    55inch is a little too big for my room. And by little too big I mean about 15inches to big. Ah well. Still, if it works, doesn't make me feel like I'm out in the Atlantic on a rubber dingy and doesn't cost more than my car then it's hard not to get excited.

    God I can't wait for 3D porn.

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