back to article Smartphone net access rockets

Almost half of the UK's internet users - 45 per cent of them - accessed the net using a mobile phone in the past 12 months, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) said today. That's 6m more people than this time last year, the ONS added. Oldies are less likely to do so than youngsters, of course. Only eight per cent of folk …


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  1. Jacqui

    death of the landline

    It is now more expensive to make a call on a landline than on a mobile phone.

    BT charges 8p/min not including insane call setup charges.

    My mobile has a 8p/min charge with no setup costs so its now cheaper to call via mobile!

    Bundle mintes are 4p/min - which is cheaper than the current bt call setup charge :-)

    My last BT quarterly bill was ~60UKP for six calls each lasting less that two minutes which is why we no longer have a BT landline.

    Instead we have a virgin phone and DSL. We have skype/sipphones for abroad and the landline gives free 1 hour calls to other land lines.

    Our mobiles provide unlimited 3g internet and texts and 250 minutes of calls for 10ukp/month

    which is cheaper than the bt line rental and has internet access thrown in.

    Oh and before I forget BT have started charging extra if you no longer "make minimum calls".

    We have been stung for 8.30 in the current bill for a sold as "free" caller display service.


  2. Shocked Jock

    "Of course" you're out of touch

    This: "Oldies are less likely to do so than youngsters, of course."

    They're the baby boomers, remember - more income, good pensions (well, better than the next generation's), plenty of free time and families around to help. Maybe the vultures should stick to tearing the techy stuff apart, and leave the sociology to others.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    >Instead we have a virgin phone and DSL

    Not exactly 'Death of the Landline' is it then ?

    Stop bitching about BT, it has no relevance to the article.

    Or do you work for the 'VirginOnTheUnusable' press department ?

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