back to article Sprint issues iPhone 5 gag rule to staff

If you ask a Sprint employee whether they'll offer the iPhone, don't expect a straight answer – the company has told their staff to clam up if asked. So says an purported "internal memo" snagged by the Sprint fanboi website, SprintFeed. The memo – if it's real, that is – was prompted by a Wall Street Journal report last week …


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  1. Chad H.

    Just sounds like normal company proceedure

    Everythings "no comment, talk to the press officer" unless you're a press officer

    1. Franklin

      A title is required

      And if you ARE a press officer, the reply shortens to just "no comment."

  2. Combat Wombat

    good luck....

    Trying to enforce that.

    Fuck the company.

    What I talk about outside of work, is none of their damn business.

    What are they going to do? Have a HR rep follow me around and document everything I say, just incase I break policy?

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge

      Share price

      It has a lot of effect on the share price. If they are getting the iPhone 5 then their stock will increase in value. If that then later turns out to be false the share price will plummet to a lower level than before the increase.

      "What I talk about outside of work, is none of their damn business"

      Have you never signed an NDA then? or been covered by the official secrets act?

    2. Ian Ferguson

      RE: good luck....

      You might want to read your employment contract and then tread a little more carefully.

  3. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge
    Big Brother

    re: Combat Wombat

    I'd not mouth off anything about your present employer anywhere outside of work if I were you.

    The WWII saying 'Walls Have Ears' is even truer today than 70 years ago.

    All it needs is for someone to overhear your rant and tweet it to a friend who knows someone who works at your company and BAM, you are in deep do-do with your bosses.

    With almost every smartphone able to act as a voice recorder you never know it might be your actual voice that get posted on the Internet. Then lets see how long you keep your job?

    BB for obvious reasons.

  4. Yag

    A discussion between a potential customer and a Sprint salesman...

    "Will you get the iPhone soon?"

    "I don't know"

    "Well, I guess I'll have to go to AT&T or Verizon then..."

    Unless they only wants to make some "sharemancy" via executive stock options or other shady deals, they have no interest in this posture if they WILL get the iPhone...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      yes but... can't get an iPhone5 on AT&T or Verizon either yet.

  5. Maryland, USA
    Thumb Down

    Verizon tried that tactic on me

    Me: Will Verizon be getting the iPhone next month, as reported in the Wall Street Journal?

    sales guy: I've read the same reports. Stories like that are nothing new.

    Me: But according to the Journal, Apple has placed an order for millions of CDMA chips. That clearly points to Verizon, wouldn't you say?

    sales guy: People have been asking us that for years. Verizon will never get the iPhone.

    me: Then if the story turns out to be true, will you personally buy me an iPhone and a two-year plan?

    sales guy:

  6. Steve Evans


    A corporate "We don't know" reply is certainly preferable to the Chinese whispers I experienced with Orange UK earlier this year.

    I took to ringing up 5 time in a row to ask the same question "When or are you going to get handset XYZ?", just so I could at least pick the majority answer as guidance.

    It was still bollocks though!

  7. Maryland, USA
    Thumb Down

    When someone tells me, "You'll have to ask the press officer..."

    I reply, "Do you mean I'll have to ask the press officer because you don't know, or because you refuse to tell me?"

    The drone then carefully repeats, with surprise and irritation, "You'll have to ask the press officer." To which I reply, "That won't be necessary; you've just answered my question."

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