back to article Hackers penetrate website for Nokia developers

Nokia suffered an embarrassing security breach over the weekend when hackers penetrated one of its community websites and accessed names, email addresses, and other information belonging to developers of smartphone apps. Nokia posted a message that warned developers that their information was exposed after hackers exploited a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    that Nokia actually have any developers left, as Symbian is more or less dead, and I don't think any developer would be stupid enough to bother with the stillborn Windows Phone 7 platform...

    1. Zot

      All those millions of Nokia phones didn't just vanish.

      And business like the Windows 7 phone, although I don't know why, integration with office software I guess.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Microsoft spin.

        Microsoft and Nokia are telling everyone that businesses like Windows Phone.... Businesses buy any old crap, that's how RIM have survived...

        1. mraak


          RIM is a very good phone. I still use my BB Pearl from 2008 occasionally, it's responsive intuitive and very good at handling push mail. My primary phone is iPhone but I'm still impressed how much life the old BB has in it.

  2. James 51


    Since this happened I've started getting a lot more spam. Guess who ever did this sold the list on.

  3. Owen Carter

    Nokia is changing it's websites etc.. perfect time to attack.

    With the move to MS I'll bet there is a lot happening in Nokia's web teams; porting from a server platform to Windows, adding lots more hardware to restore performance, unfamiliar tools, rapid closing some web properties to try and panic people onto Live! etc (ovi Calendar goes dark in a few days).

    In short; cometh the hour, cometh the cracker; with strangers, deadlines, new technologies, demands for a 'test copy of the database', disheartened engineers, middle managers who want to make it big in MS and wont listen to anybody deemed negative. It's a perfect time to plan a spearphishing holiday followed by a little light downloading and extortion?

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Quite the pertinent remark

      New opportunities for social engineering, too.

    2. mraak

      Nice observation

      However I think middle managers aren't the ones. These people are a very scared bunch, all they do is backstabbing, gossip, politics, and fake smiling. You need to have some balls to steal them tables, and balls is what they don't have.

  4. Ralph B

    A couple of comments

    The Reg says "hackers penetrated one of its community websites and accessed names, email addresses, and other information belonging to developers of smartphone apps."

    That would be "ex-developers of Nokia smartphone apps." I suppose there might be a few determined hobbyists soldiering on with Symbian, Maemo & MeeGo, but everyone else will have moved on.

    The Reg says: "At time of writing, the discussion boards weren't accessible. Nokia's advisory said the service would be restored as soon as possible."

    Since the discussions are mostly people bitching about the Nokia's "strategy" change, and failure to deliver, I don't predict they'll be back any time soon. A nice excuse for Nokia to do some spring cleaning.

    FAIL, because ... it's Nokia.

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