back to article Samsung SH100 14Mp Wi-Fi compact camera

The ST1000 was Samsung’s first Wi-Fi enabled camera that not only allowed users to e-mail pics from a hotspot, but had GPS thrown in just to prove you were really there. With the SH100 wireless compact, the company goes beyond snap and share by offering tight integration with its top tier Android products enabling tethering with …


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  1. tas
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    Compact Tethering or Remote Capture feature set unique?

    Does anyone else know any manufacturer and models that supports tethering, remote or otherwise, for digital compact cameras (not DSLRs or DSLR-like)?

    That is either or both of,

    1. Remote viewfinder and capture still capability as described in article or

    2. Physically tethered video "web cam".

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Tethering & Remote for other manufacturers..

      Using an eye-fi card you can tether any SD card compatible camera to wifi. There is also a remote capture App for android for the Canon EOS range here

      Its USB at present as these cameras are usb but canon do make a wireless unit and the DSLR controller developer has said he is considering a wifi version.

      I like this neat all in solution though.

  2. Graham Dawson Silver badge

    OHMIGOD! It looks just like my camera!

    Nikon had better call in the lawyers, Samsung is at it again!

  3. Sampler
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    I was about to go buy one

    Until I read the remote feature is samsung only mobiles so I can't use my HTC - as that was the only feature I cared for it's not worth swapping for my current camera.

  4. Mark 65

    Micro SD

    That's a bit of a fail right there when (full-fat) SD is the established standard for consumer cameras.

  5. John Latham

    70% - why?

    "The SH100 has little in the way of physical controls...the touchscreen technology is not nearly as responsive as that of a smartphone...inconsistent touch response...touchscreen is hardly a selling point....Resolution is average, contrast quite poor and the finish highly reflective, making framing in bright daylight difficult, if not impossible...shooting blind.....In terms of image quality don’t expect too much....noise is a serious problem...The SH100 is quite slow"

    So, it's unusuable outdoors due to the crap screen and lack of viewfinder, unusuable indoors due to the noisy image quality, has manual controls deleted and replaced by a dodgy touchscreen, and is slow in operation.

    What's the lower 70% of the review scale used for?

  6. TeeCee Gold badge

    "...slightly cantered top plate..."

    Er, did you mean "canted"?

    It doesn't appear to have the necessary legs required to canter effectively.

  7. Rich 3

    Why not just make a camera run Android?

    It can't be hard, and then one would be able to have aftermarket software and goodies, twitter and the like.

    The first DSLR to run Android would force me to open my wallet, I suspect.

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