back to article Nokia dishes out $10m in developer prizes

Nokia is celebrating the fact that its Calling All Innovators competition finally brought in a majority of US developers, even if the grand winners were both from Finland. Those two winning entries were: a game involving sparking orbs, called Sparkle, and a picture-filtering application called ShutterPro. These entries each …


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  1. Kristian Walsh Silver badge

    Need a venn diagram...

    ... or better yet, a map. Canada is one of the component nations in the landmass known as North America. Therefore those winners were Americans, if not US Citizens.

    Still, good to see a Californian who is aware of the existence of other nations; even awareness of the other 49 States is the US is rare enough.

  2. Jeff 10

    It wasn't the most popular applications...

    ...or there would have been at least some different winners. Some of the apps were new in the store recently.

  3. Kurgan

    Apps for what?

    Apps for a dead OS? Why bother?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nokia? Who?


  5. Charles Manning

    Make up your mind

    Nokia biz model:

    1. Pull plastic bag over head of living OS.

    2. Simultaneously putting on a short skirt and red lipstick and go out dating a dead OS.

    2. Remove plastic bag from OS you're trying to kill and give it CPR.

    3. Whereto now? Go back to 1?

    Elop clearly belongs in a nut-house.

  6. Steve Evans

    Oh dear...

    "Nokia dishes out $10m in developer prizes"

    Well there goes all hope of any profit this year then.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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