back to article VMware's vSphere 5 hits the streets

VWware has announced that the hypervisor core of its Cloud Infrastructure Suite, vSphere 5, is now generally available. "The enhancements and new innovations we've introduced in VMware vSphere 5 provide a robust, reliable platform for business applications,' said VMware cloud-infrastructure headman Bogomil Balkansky in a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Er, no

    "What won't be found in vSphere 5, however, is the original virtual memory pricing scheme that VMware announced at the July rollout. Proving the old adage involving squeaky wheels and petroleum-based lubricants, VMware revamped that pricing model after customer outcry, bringing licensing fees more in line with those paid by vSphere 4 users."

    VMware is still shafting the customers with an abusive new licensing scheme; the shaft just happens to be slightly less girthsome. There will still be plenty of squeaking, shrieking, and awkward, uncomfortable grunting coming from the customer base, as well as orgasmic cries of delight from Microsoft, Oracle, Citrix, and Red Hat.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      'orgasmic cries of delight from Microsoft'.

      The thought of Balmer's face is not a pleasant image. I'm now traumatised and feel a little bit sick. Is there a trauma counsellor on the house.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Does he moan

        "Developers, developers, developers" as the sweat starts forming?

  2. 5media

    vmware solutions adopted by fed agencies

    US Federal agencies have intelligently adopted VMware solutions to suffice the needs of their desktops and applications via a secure channel.

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  4. H1ghTower

    lack of competition is costly

    VmWare is not likely to cut it's customers any slack on it's pricing until some viable competition emerges. When it comes to Enterprise class virtualization, the competition is woefully behind in their product offering, so VmWare (like any other business) will take advantageous of this gap as long as possible.

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