back to article Samsung's iOS rival gets multitasking and HTML5

Samsung has launched the next version of its own mobile platform Bada, bringing multitasking, HTML5 and a new advertising engine to Bada developers. Bada developers can now download the SDK and start getting used to the new, scalable UI elements, push notifications, and the aforementioned multitasking and in-app adverts, but …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Samsung's iOS rival?

    Surely the only competition Bada has on it's hands is with Windows Phone 7 as which is going to flop the biggest...

    Really Samsung need to focus on continuing to make awesome Android phones like the Galaxy S2

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Awesome for whom?

      @Barry Shitpeas : "Really Samsung need to focus on continuing to make awesome Android phones like the Galaxy S2"

      I think Samsung is concerned that the Android might only help Google become awesome.

    2. Danny 14 Silver badge


      it seems a wise move to me, especially if android turns sour for whatever reason.

      1. CmdrX3

        I don't know

        I get the feeling the uncertainties over Android might play into Microsoft's hand. It will be easier and cheaper for manufacturers to jump ship and licence an OS that's ready to go should the need arise. The only real smartphone alternative to Android at the moment is Microsoft's.

        If Nokia can make a real concerted push into the low to mid range market whenever they eventually decide to release a Windows phone, you might find it taking off. There is a huge market out there missing a decent smartphone, trouble is it's a tough target to hit with a decent quality fast smartphone.

        1. Anonymous Coward


          The only uncertainties are those that Microsoft, their spin doctors and their media mouthpieces are saying.

          Everyone else in the Android ecossytem is totally happy about the expanded Android Patent portfolio.

          It may come as a shock to people only used to how Microsoft and Apple work, but Google have a history of spending large sums of money for the greater good. Take a look at On2 VP8 that was bought and immediately open-sourced for a fine example.

          Don't judge everyone by Microsoft's standards, or as my dad used to say, "just because Thora Hird can't climb stairs, don't assume she's a Dalek (or a Davlik in this case)".

          1. Gordon 10 Silver badge


            The only good google understand is their own. Do you seriously believe that there wasn't a disruptive reason to do it.

            Also see the laughable 'openess' of android.

            I also seem to recall that they took ages to release webm.

    3. sabroni Silver badge

      @Barry shitpeas

      Not the real mr. shitpeas judging by the total lack of funny in your comment...

  2. Syren Baran

    Less slick?

    Dunno, the Wave 2 sure beats the shit out the 3GS, and costs less than half the amount. Even with a 32GB MicroSD.

    The closed store sucks, but at least J2ME-midlets can installed from every store.

    1. Andy 57

      but exactly

      H/W wise it may SEEM faster, but you whacked the nail on the head when you mentioned midlets. So it is actually much slower.

      1. Syren Baran
        Thumb Down

        What exactly?

        "H/W wise it may SEEM faster, but you whacked the nail on the head when you mentioned midlets. So it is actually much slower."

        What do you mean with "seems faster"? The cpu IS faster. Period.

        Android only got a JIT in 2.2 while j2me is hardware-accelerated on whole bunch of ARMS. So yes, pretty fast.

        If you want to complain about the device try something like the lack of multi-tasking for 3rd party apps, thats a real bummer, worse than even iOS in this respect.

  3. Tim Wolfe-Barry


    A search app for this platform might be Bada-Bing!

    Mine's the one WITHOUT the Dave Award

  4. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    But will Samsung have to pay the MS Tax?

    On their Bada Handsets?

    Just like they may have to on their Android models.

    If so will it be the same?

    If they do end up payingthe MS tax then MS can go 'boom'

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Don't you mean.

    "Really Samsung need to focus on continuing to make awesome Android phones like the Galaxy S2"

    Don't you mean:

    "Really Samsung need to focus on continuing to make iPhone copies like the Galaxy S"

    Samsung INNOVATE goddamit.

    1. Fibbles

      I'M SO ANGRY!



  6. Anonymous Coward

    An Apple a day keeps the Samsung away.

    Google / Motorola will screw Samsung over Android. Samsung have p*ssed off one of their largest customers (Apple) who are now suing the hell out of them. The good Android phones will end up coming from Motorola - Samsung will end up trying to push Bada and no-one will want it = Samsung screwed.

    Google and Apple will either slug it out for a long time.

    I'd rather buy Apple sharesthan Samsung.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      "I'd rather buy Apple sharesthan Samsung."

      Then you are an idiot..

      9 out of the 10 patent claims by Apple against Samsung were rejected yesterday, including the most crucial ones....

      1. E 2


        Apple is patent trolling - the intent is not really to win the suits as much as to cost ASamsung money and to raised FUD regarding Adroid & Samsung.

        It is another example of the lawsuit used as an anti-competitive tool.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        re: I'd rather buy Apple shares...

        "9 out of the 10 patent claims by Apple against Samsung were rejected yesterday, including the most crucial ones...."

        And what happened the next day? A Dutch court issued a preliminary injunction against three Samsung smartphones and a German court upheld a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

        It was very sweet of you to add a fail icon to your own post.

        1. Bod


          that was issued over an utterly trivial matter than Samsung fixes simply with a software update and Apple make no money. The important factors that Apple wanted to kill Samsung with all failed.

          Apple's intents are much the same as someone arguing you can't build a car with round wheels because they patented a round wheel. Fanbois can then bang on about others using round wheels as not be innovative. Well yeah, so they copied someone from the stone age and haven't innovated, but what works works and is so obvious it should never be patentable.

          The real danger to businesses are the USPTO who grant these ludicrous patents. I could put in an application to say farting is patented to myself and they'd grant it. Think I may just do that and then sue everyone who farts.

  7. xlq


    Wow! Multitasking! Samsung has caught up with 1970!

    I don't get it. It's 2011. How can they proudly announce that their OS now does multitasking? It's 2011. Surely lack of multitasking is a great big deficiency. That you can do only one thing at once on "mobile devices" seems backwards and rather ludicrous.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge


      All mobile phones must be able to multitask to be able manage the user interface and the radios.

      Bada 1 already does co-operative multitasking of applications such as GPS navigation and playing music at the same time. In that respect it's already ahead of the version of IOS that supported it for Apple apps only and let the unwashed masses of third party apps join the party. From what I've seen users won't see much difference here which is good because most of us don't really care that much about the technical niceties.

      The WAC is a nice way of packaging widgets as cross-platform apps and makes sense to Samsung for things like phones, tablets and TVs.

  8. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Great name for the press

    You can see the headlines:

    Bada and Bing tie up could be "Badabing".

    Bada is scrapped could be "Boombadabing".

    1. Fibbles


      Surely Bada being scrapped would be "Big Bada Boom"?

  9. petur

    Much like iOS indeed

    It also has its own PC bloatware, called Samsung KIES


    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Version 2 is okay

      I'm not a fan of these suites and Kies version 1 was a piece of shit. Version 2 is smaller faster and more usable for things like backing up your phone's data.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IP issues inherited with Android

    My understanding was that the patent that is allowing Apple to have Samsung's products blocked is because of something that they get with Android, so the need an alternative.

    Maybe the Android partners should sue Google for misrepresentation with regards to the patent issues.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Errm, might want to go back and check that...’t-affect-sales-in-other-european-markets/

  11. Inachu

    I love Bada!

    I want to marry her even though the band she was in broke up years ago.

  12. Lars Silver badge

    Silly name

    Could be the only problem with Bada Linux is the name.

    1. Rabbit Foo Foo

      Badass Linux

      In the tradition of the Galaxy, then Galaxy S, wait for the next version...

      the Bada Super Sport, or BadaSS

      When BadaSS developers can download the SDK, I'm in!

  13. Kiralexi


    Bada doesn't run on Linux, but on a licensed microkernel called Nucleus. There's no technical reason that it couldn't be a Linux-based platform, but right now, it isn't one.

  14. Rob Dobs

    Samsung must buy WebOS and Palm IP

    Its like the oil well of Intellectual Property PALM had more mobile device patents and ideas (real defensible patents not these bullshit Appull style rounded corner patents.

    Its like the Spice from Dune

    "He who owns the Palm IP will own the Smartphone world...."

    They could buy this IP and software, rebrand it Bada 2 (and maybe even bring over the good parts that they can.. and start trucking the money to the bank in wheelbarrows (large ones)...

    Sigh.. if only I had the phone number for the Samsung CTO....

  15. ThomH Silver badge

    The SDK is awful though

    For those that haven't experienced it, it's Eclipse based but available for Windows only, everything is done in C++ using vendor-specific memory management rules, an an odd proprietary alternative to STL (so you're supposed to use Samsung's custom classes for strings, arrays, hash maps, etc) and some weird usage conventions, such as two-stage constructors (ie, you're not meant to use the normal C++ constructor to do any construction, because someone at Samsung has decreed that exceptions are too costly to the processor).

    The backstory, that Bada was designed and used purely internally for phones from 2004 onward, then opened up as best as it could be, is very credible.

    1. Levente Szileszky

      RE: The SDK is awful though

      Well, compare that to WebOS SDK which is a joy to use and pretty much anyone can use and then there is Ares:

      But then again: what ISN'T awful about Bada...?

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