back to article China Mobile becomes world's biggest mobe operator

China Mobile's half-year profits topped $9.6bn, making it the largest mobile operator in the world by customers and profits, and six times bigger than the nearest local competition. That $9.6bn profit is based on revenue of almost $40bn, stomping all over the local competition and topping Vodafone's annual figure of $18.82bn. …


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  1. Ray 8


    I wonder if the books are being cooked to look good

  2. Ru

    "but it is not clear how, or if, that competition can be maintained"

    As has been done before, the Chinese government will simply re-arrange the market as it sees fit, if it feels that there's an issue. Just like breaking up any other national monopoly, only with less fuss.

  3. QuinnDexter

    China telecoms Vs Brit telecoms

    How many billion people are there in China? If Vodafone were in there they'd be bottom of the heap. They charge less in developing countries, but profit margins are larger. In effect they're charging more in sub-Saharan Africa for instance in terms of a worker's annual wage when compared with Britland, even if the price per minute is less when just the exchange rate is taken into consideration. The same is true with China. With the population difference and GDP difference, you can't just work out the cost difference based on the exchange rate between GBP and ¥ in terms of price per minute, or average spend per customer

  4. Eduard Coli

    PRC market success and retirement are similiar

    They both involve caliber 9mm.

    "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun" - Mao Zedong

  5. mhenriday

    Biggest mobile operator without the Jesus phone ?

    Guess China Mobile's leadership has never heard that salus extra ecclesiam non est. Perhaps Paulus - in the guise of Tim Cook - can bring the erring heathens into the fold ?...


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