back to article Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs resigned as Apple's CEO and was replaced by Tim Cook, formerly COO of the iconic company Jobs cofounded 35 years ago. According to a letter circulated on Business Wire, Jobs tendered his resignation to the company's board of directors on Wednesday afternoon after saying he was no longer able to meet the requirements …


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  1. zaax
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    Good luck Steve

    Your have done us proud

  2. J 3


    I've read somewhere else that trading in Apple stocks was suspended before the announcement. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow...

    1. Russ Tarbox

      Google says

      that shares have dropped by just under 5% "out of hours"

  3. Prof Yaffle


    Apple = Steve, Steve = Apple (well, plus the odd lawyer or several thousand, as Samsung might have recently noticed).

    Let's see what the market makes of The Man stepping back - let alone what the company does, last time it didn't do so well IIRC...

    1. ThomH

      But he was forced out last time

      So, last time, someone was determined to do something quite distinct from Jobs' ideas. This time I'd expect the company to try to continue to pursue exactly what Steve would have pursued.

  4. technome

    So long, Steve...

    ... and thanks for all the tech!

    At least Apple's in safe hands this time.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Is this for real?

    Damn if it is, hope his health recovers/improves.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      He has had pancreatic cancer ...

      You get two years if you're lucky.

      He's had two years.

  6. Joban

    The king is dead

    Long live the king.

  7. Bango Skank

    ok, but why?

    What is behind the resignation?

    1. Thomas 18


      He needed a liver transplant a while back because of liver cancer, possibly its back.

    2. It wasnt me
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      "What is behind the resignation?"

      Ok, Im no clairvoyant so this is pure speculation. I'll allowmyself for a couple of minutes to imagine being in Steve Jobs shoes.

      Rich beyond my wildest dreams. Have successfully helmed a company to the pinnacle of success. Accolades aplenty. Sounds good so far.

      However, I'm only in my late 50's and my health is ailing. The future is unclear for my company, where do I take it now? History shows it is more difficult to keep a company at the top than to get it there.

      You dont suppose he's just decided to take it easy and enjoy the more important things in life do you?

      Best of luck to the man, love him or hate him, (or both) he's earnt it. I hope he gets to enjoy a few more years.

    3. Giles Jones Gold badge


      He obviously feels his health isn't good enough to put in the long hours. I'm sure a workaholic doesn't just do the 9-5.

  8. Efros

    Freefall anyone?

    Wonder how many percentage points will be shaved off Apple's stock.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      just an excuse

      for the free fall.

      apple shares should have started falling the minute they told told world + dog they lost it by running to the courts instead of coming up with something good.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Come back Steve...

    ... it's only NZ apples we don't want here in Oz.

  10. Jeremy 2

    Oh dear

    This must surely indicate that he's really not a well man. While I may not like his business practices much, this isn't the manner in which he should have had to step aside. Good luck to the chap...

  11. Nights_are_Long

    The other Steve...

    Just a thoughts and I know Tim Cook is going to be doing the job now but what about The Wizard of Woz, I think he could have steped in and done the job very well.

    1. Armando 123


      Woz was the tech guy, not the business guy.

    2. Ilgaz

      They just share same name

      SJobs and Woz are exactly opposite of eachother. That synergy made Apple (once) 50% marketshare with very credible enterprise/business market.

      Woz wants almost everything different.

      They aren't "enemies" btw, they just think different. These guys (even including BillG to some extent) are competitors or disagreeing people. Not like BillG is "happy" now. Not sure about Ballmer.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        Back of the room now. Hang your head in shame!

  12. skeptical i

    Wha'? No snarky headline about fanbois going into mourning?

    Or there being a reported run on black turtlenecks in the retail clothing sector?

    Not sure whether to be disappointed or to respect your dignified restraint.

    . . ^^^ . . Best of luck to Steve, though; he did some darn good work and I hope he's able to take what I can only imagine must be a much-needed rest.

    1. Thomas 4

      Oh, if you want snark....

      I handed in my CV at Apple today but they told me they didn't have any Jobs.

  13. majickal


    Wasn't expecting to read that this morning! Not an Apple fan in any way, but good luck to Jobs.

    Beer because I am feeling the after effects of the ones I had last night...

  14. That Awful Puppy
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    Too bad

    Every personal anecdote about him I ever read makes him sound like a total bastard. On the other hand, every one of my Apple products performs really bloody well and I enjoy using them tremendeously.

    Good luck to him, and good luck to Apple. I hope they find another benevolent (if unpleasant) tyrant, rather than get bogged down by committees.

    (Hope there's be no need to re-introduce the St. Jobs icon any time soon.)

    1. Hud Dunlap
      Paris Hilton

      He is one of many

      I have worked in the Semiconductor industry for thirty years. I have worked with people whose spouses have worked for Jobs. Yes he is a total bastard. Just like Gates, Dell and just about any other you care to name. Some have made their companies successful like Jobs and some have chased away all of the good workers and put the company into the ground. This was job's forte, he was still able to retain good people who would go the extra mile for Apple.

      On a side note I never heard Mr Hewlett or Mr Packard being called total bastards.

      Paris, because she doesn't know what happened to the Steve Job's icon either.

      1. That Awful Puppy

        On a rather unrelated note...

        ...that is also completely spooky, my HP 48G wouldn't work the day Mr Hewlett died. Worked flawlessly the next day and the day before that, but not on that day.

        Yes, I heard those two were real good guys. Too bad their company became such a mess.

        1. Goat Jam

          From the little i've read

          Hewlett and Packard had a sort of good cop bad cop thing going.

    2. PassiveSmoking


      Pretty much every successful businessman ever was a bastard of some kind or other. You have to be pretty driven to succeed in a big way, you also have to be ruthless and unsentimental. Gates isn't exactly the picture of sunshine and happiness either, or Ellison, for that matter, or any other big tech CEO you care to name.

  15. Earl Jones Of Potatoes

    hat off to you Mr. Jobs

    Very few CEOs have your vision and caliber Mr. Jobs.

    Thanks for your historic contribution to the Tech world.

    You've earned a prestigious page in modern history and your influence will be greatly missed.

    Thanks you

    1. Anonymous Coward

      I feel quite nauseous after reading that.

      Could you be any more fawning?

    2. Rodrigo Valenzuela


      The man is not dead yet!


    3. Player_16

      Take it easy!

      He promoted himself up the ladder. Now he doesn't NEED an excuse to take time off; he just goes. Maybe he wants to manage the building of his new house.

    4. Anonymous Coward

      What contribution?

      Created locked in ecosystems like iTunes?

      Creating hardware with proprietary connectors to ensure lock-in?

      Creating Apple only formats like Quicktime that force others to join Apple to view?

      Creating a market where image rules above technology?

      Apple products are no longer great, Apple just spend a tonne of money ensuring Apple fanboys believe they are. That's the harsh reality, you can get better than Apple for less money these days.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    the two faces of commentards,,,

    every week we see posts ripping shreds off St Jobs for everything he does, everything he says and everything he believes.

    Now he is stepping down shouldn't there be a whole torrent of posts all cheering his departure? or is a matter of better the devil we know?

    1. Jeremy 2

      Not really.

      He's a seven-year survivor of pancreatic cancer. It really doesn't need to be spelled out, the likely reason he's stepping aside (as if "that day has come." doesn't do exactly that). There's no need to be callous at this time (although this being the internet, some doubtless will be).

      1. Bonzo the Wonder Dog

        @Jeremy 2

        Quite right. Most sensible people who detest Apple's "We invented everything" when they didn't and the "And we're gonna sue" followup simply want Jobs to get real, not get dyin'.

        Get well, Steve. And get real.

    2. Fab De Marco

      It's a respect thing....

      Us Apple Haters, may dislike everything the guy stands for and has done, and sure if the headline read "Steve Jobs Axed amind patent lawyer bribery charges" Then Yeah we would all be cheering like crazy.

      But the man has had a battle with cancer and it's best to leave our comments on the matter to ourselves. A man stepping down from his role for the sake of his health to enjoy his life and family rather than run himself into the ground is not a thing to celebrate.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        its nothing to dowith

        its nothing to do with respect or the fact he has cancer... the real truth is about posting comments that's going to get thumbs up....

        He has had cancer for the last 6 years, just because he resigns from the CEO of apple doesn't change that. It doesn't change any of the reasons that would make android/windows fanbois jump up and down with glee the fact that he is gone from the top job at apple..

        select the right thread, say a very pro android thread, and make a joke about his exit from apple and your gonna get thumbs up galore... in this thread with all the apple fanbois going into mourning as they remember the dark days of the past when apple was jobs-less,and are praying for those dark days not to return. your gonna get slammed !

        1. Ben Holmes

          This isn't Reddit.

          We don't deal with karma here on the El Reg boards.

        2. heyrick Silver badge

          @ AC 10.32

          Are you really such a pathetic little person that your measure of "worth" is how many times you are upvoted compared to how many downvotes you receive? Why don't you try something different, like saying what you think instead of what you believe will be "popular"...

          1. Anonymous Coward


            I was not on about my comments, and dont give a damn what people think about my comments, I say as I see it and I see a lot of people that do comment to gain thumbs ups....

            I see a lot of people in this thread that even up to a few hours before this article was published, that have slammed jobs and his ideals in other threads. He was still dying then, nothing has changed except he announces he is to step down...,

            so what's the difference? The difference is in a " Love Steve Jobs" thread you get voted down for even the slightest hint of a dislike of Steve Jobs. and in a "pro android" article you get voted up for saying he is the spawn of the devil....

            and that is why my original post was titled "the two faces of commentards" because a lot of comentard are very two faced, and the only reason I can think of is they want lots of thumbs up to validate themselves....

            maybe you didn't read my post properly, or maybe i didn't make myself clear, but it was my intention to say what i really thought and not what I believe will be popular.... my post was clearly aimed at those who do post to align themselves with the popular opinion of the thread....

            1. heyrick Silver badge

              The difference (@ AC)

              Its between slamming Jobs for his decisions as CEO, and the bad taste to have a go at him as he steps down. Is that two faced, or just knowing where the line is?

              FWIW, I don't like him, but he's gone, it's not relevant now...

    3. heyrick Silver badge

      @ AC 00.18

      Dude, the guy is dying...

      This has nothing to do with tech, lawyers, or arguments about who built the better mousetrap.

      Show some respect, numbnuts.

  17. Electric Panda

    Health problems

    I have to wonder if his health is taking a turn for the worse again. He said in the letter that he could no longer continue his duties and knowing how determined and focussed Steve is I think health issues are the only likely reason.

    So long Steve, and thanks for all the cool stuff.

  18. Kevin (Just Kevin)


    I doubt there will be a massive freefall in Apple stock prices. He's been on leave since January and Cook has been running the show. And Jobs is now Chairman of the Board. He's still there. He still has some overarching leadership role. And his opinion would carry serious weight around there.

    In a sense, Apple is MORE Steve Jobs today than it was Yesterday. He's gone from not here to Chairman.

    1. Ilgaz

      Amateurs will get robbed for sure

      Small investors are at risk as Apple gives such an image of "everything is SJobs". Well, it is not. It is a PR policy, always was. He has amazing charisma and vision but it isn't like he picks an empty paper and draws iPod and starts writing on Xcode.

      As Apple isn't dumb to pick one of IT monsters as CEO and company face, it may all go well. I just pity "Apple is dead, lets sell all" guys. You know, somebody has to BUY when one sells.

  19. uhuznaa

    Good timing

    With the next iPhone in the coming and at least the next iPad in the works this was a better moment than in half a year or so.

    Well, I can't imagine he would do that if he didn't have to and this is not a good sign. All the best, Steve!

  20. Speedhump

    Quote of the day

    "Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen the resignation of Jobs, and soon the fall of the company."

    Like some of their products, but the man sounds like a spoilt brat.

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge

      Spoilt brat?

      He built a technology giant out of nothing along with Woz and their early successful products were their own unlike Microsoft who bluffed IBM and supplied them with DOS bouight from someone else.

      But those who built such big companies from nothing deserve some respect, unlike many CEOs of today who have just climbed the ranks of companies.

  21. Armando 123

    A reflection

    You know how often we say that the CEOs and suits don't deserve their money and benefits? In Jobs' case, must of us who can remember Apple in '96 and '97 would agree that Jobs has earned it as much as any one else has.

    Here's hoping his health is okay, and if not, that he recovers well and soon.

  22. Term


    I'm supprised that 'iQuit' wasn't in the sub heading... Is the Reg loosing it?

    1. Ian Davies

      I don't know...

      ...but they might be losing it.

    2. MooseNC


      Sarah Palin already has the patent and trademark on the iQuit. Look it up...

    3. Chad H.

      But what we really want to know is

      Is there an app to resign your job?

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up


      Even the Guardian managed an "iResign"

  23. url

    now that he is standing aside

    is it okay to say jag-u-are instead of jag-wah?

  24. Mikel

    Farewell Steve

    A class act, Steve Jobs bows out at the top. Maybe as Chairman he'll see the company go on to more great things.

    About the patent trolling I don't agree - but if that's all there is to complain about, his success is amazing.

  25. Chad H.

    No Real Change

    Gappetto will still be pulling the stings... Its just now Cook now officially gets all of the boring executive crap steve didn't want to do anyway.

  26. Cunningly Linguistic

    It should be interesting... that a human being is in charge of Apple.

  27. Raphael

    All the best Steve.

    I personally don't own or even like Apples products, but at the same time wish Steve Jobs all the best and hope that he beats the odds (the transplant he had gives at most an extra three or so years to people) and remains strong and healthy for a long time.

  28. My Screen Name

    Heaven forbid somebody should express the positive

    Could you be any more acerbic?

  29. Eddy Ito

    Whatever is next Steve

    I hope you're still that same 100% bulldog you've always been. I gotta say, I disagree, a lot, with the way Apple goes about things but you've always made me money. I'm not sure I'm better off than I would be without all the lawsuits but I am sure it could be worse. Thanks Steve, be well.

    Now Tim, we expect more of the same but lighten up a bit. Well, at least until I pass the patent bar.

  30. This post has been deleted by its author

  31. x4zYYvb3

    Copycat competitors

    Given that Apple are obsessed with the idea that their competitors in the smartphone and tablet markets just slavishly copy anything new that they do, can we now expect Samsung, HTC and Nokia to announce the resignation of their respective CEOs ?

  32. Zack Mollusc


    Branston's house burns down, Gadaffi disappears, Jobs resigns. Are they all the same guy covering up his tracks as he retires to a hollowed-out volcano?

    1. nsld

      Branstons house?

      You could smell the burning pickle from many miles away.

  33. Nash

    Steve Jobs last app..

    He's calling it the iQuit

  34. John Ruddy


    You've forgotten to mention that he is the largest shareholder in Disney Corp...

  35. David Perry 2


    She doesn't have the balls (or guts, if you want to be PC) to come up with new ideas that'll change the world in even a vaguely good way. Wonder which one of her puppets thought that iQuit could be useful.

    And as for which camp I'm in, "I'm a PC" (at work) but mac user at home / on the road / in my pocet (iPhone).

    Fail cos of the first paragraph obviously...

  36. Anonymous Coward

    Jobs latest concept is the...


    (as heard on Radio 4).

  37. Chris007

    Might not like Apple

    but I wouldn't wish the health issues Steve Jobs has had (or may be having) on anyone.

  38. Delenn

    Don't like the guy.....

    Don't like his "software requirements". Don't like his pathetic patent lawsuits. Don't like his attitude.

    However, I wish him all the success in the world for his health battle.

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Best of luck

    While I may not entirely agree with the direction Apple has taken recently, it is at least profitable, successful and forward-looking.

    If we recall the Apple of 15 years ago, and if we had written an article back then about Apple being trendy, fashionable, releasing mobile phones that are ubiquitous, controlling a large library of music sales and kickstarting the tablet market, while becoming the most profitable tech company and only 2nd behind ExxonMobil overall, you would've been sectioned!

    Back then Apple was known for quirky little computers for the education market, seemingly doomed to go the way of the Acorn.

    So while everytime some trendy young thing who thinks he is the next Damien Hirst / Moby / Banksy pulls out a MacBook or an iPad in the cafe a little bit of me dies inside, I still respect the work that Jobs has put in to make the company what it is today.

  40. Naughtyhorse

    Like many here - especially here, of all places

    By no means an apple fan, but this sounds pretty bad.

    Hope things go well for him.

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not that big of a deal.....

    ......change the name of your CEO.

  42. TheOtherHobbbes


    Personally, I wish him well. Health issues are Not Fun and no one should have to deal with them.

    Professionally - I guess the Cult of Apple became a creepy thing, almost from the start. The Mac vs PC thing was adolescent, and my personal experience of Macs has been of poor hardware and software design - not as poor as Windows was until XP, but still badly flawed - disguised by excellent industrial design and laser-sharp marketing.

    Steve personally didn't invent things like the iPod. He did what Apple does as a company - took other people's ideas and marketed the crap out of them.

    So where MS's main product was corporate marketing, Apple's main product was always consumer marketing, selling a largely illusory feel-good factor through clever story-telling and a relentless appeal to consumer narcissism.

    I can't really thank Jobs for that. It worked, but... hey.

    Back in the 80s the Amiga was running a full multitasking OS with excellent (for the time) graphics and sound, and Atari was the cheap consumer option. Somewhere left field Acorn were doing cool things with the Archimedes.

    Those lines could have been developed. Instead Apple and MS flooded the market with technology that was relatively underpowered and not so relatively unimaginative - but, in Apple's case, nicely packaged.

    Between them Jobs and Gates probably held IT development back by ten or fifteen years. Developing ecosystems was good, but developing such slow-moving and flawed ones was a disappointment.

    Without that conservatism we might well have had physical and tactile computing so much more quickly.

    Jobs gets props of sorts for realising Apple was a content company rather than a tech company a good few years before anyone needed that realisation.

    But Apple has always presented stinginess as opportunity. App development and iTunes are both ways to generate content without having to pay people as employees. And Apple has a mountain of cash, but isn't using any of it for sponsorship or talent support programs for new ground-up content or innovation.

    At least record companies and publishers find talent and then sponsor it through advance payments for projects.

    The new content companies - Apple, Google, Facebook, MySpace (as was) - don't need to, so they don't.

    The world is a poorer place for it. There's more content, but it's hard to argue that (say) Angry Birds is really innovative.

    So Jobs doesn't get props for innovation. Apple could have done so much more with its position, and could still do more. But an integral corporate tight-fisted conservatism means that it didn't, and never will.

    That's a shame - a real shame. For everyone.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      "Between them Jobs and Gates probably held IT development back by ten or fifteen years. Developing ecosystems was good, but developing such slow-moving and flawed ones was a disappointment."

      Whilst that accusation can be easily aimed at Gates the Apple you are describing was a product of Jobs not being there post-1985. When he returned in 1997 they started to turn around their lethargic development cycle and utter customer gouging, albeit with absolute (and possibly justified) paranoia about others stealing their thunder.

  43. BorkedAgain

    Good luck...

    Like many others here, I'm not impressed with Apple's latest forays into the realm of the I.P. Troll, but you do have to respect what Jobs has achieved, and I do wish him luck.

    Apple will be fine; the global supply of brushed aluminium and smoked glass hasn't dried up yet...

  44. Doug Glass

    If what we're all thinking is happening....

    ...this is a sad day indeed. Regardless of personal opinions, Jobs had a positive effect on all of us.

    1. Danny 5


      What happened to my trolling? was it the "anti-christ" remark that did it?

      Steve jobs has had no positive effect on me whatsoever, not then, not now, not ever

      It's just this type of unhealthy worshiping of the cult of Steve that makes me hate this company so much.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        re: wtf?

        Trolling troll trolls. Stop whingeing. Can't you see how oxymoronic 'It's just this type of unhealthy worshiping of the cult of Steve that makes me hate this company so much.' is, or are just really that stupid? Fuck me, man up son.

  45. Soruk


    Steve Jobs was forced to resign having been caught trying to buy a $99 HP Touchpad.

  46. Willum08

    So It's....

    ...iPod - iPhone - iPad - iResign - What next ???

    1. Anonymous Coward


      "...iPod - iPhone - iPad - iResign - What next ???"

      Sadly, it'll be the iDie.

      I don't like Apples approach, but wish Steve all the happiness he can find in the time available to him.

  47. John Styles

    Despite not being a big fan of Apple...

    ... I am surprised at how sad I am to hear this.

    (I owned a couple of Macs in the System 7 days, more to have some variety at home as I worked with PCs and Unix than anything, but was put off them when I worked for a couple of years at a company full of Apple cultists - I remember just before I left the company's tech guru saying we didn't need to upgrade the company's Macs or switch to PCs, as everyone would be switching to OpenDoc based components within a year and everything would become more slimline)

  48. K.o.R

    Does this mean...

    ...that Apple are going to stop being such Cox to their consumers now?

    I'm going, I'm going.

  49. Brandon 2
    Thumb Down


    "I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it," should read, "I believe Apple's anti-competitive and most litigious days are ahead of it."

    I love my galaxy S. Simple, cheap, android 2.2. Sorry you guys in EU can't purchase it right now.

  50. clean_state
    Thumb Up


    Here is Job's legacy to the tech world:

    - make products that actually work, even in their details

    - do not ship something unfinished

    - do not ship products in response to a tech fashion

    - make products that respond to a consumer need

    - design products by using them, not through market analysis data

    Wow! Who would have thought. This is pure genius. I just wish the rest of the tech industry would listen.

    1. Snapper
      Thumb Up

      And here's how he did it!

      My best wishes Steve. You might be a total Bar Steward, but we need more people like you to get the really important things done in this world.

    2. Anonymous Coward


      Did you also work for Apple? :-)

      All excellent points, and the reasons I like Apple products. Those are the things that really matter. Marketing is frosting.

  51. Anonymous Coward

    The big thing about Jobs... that Apple makes products that -feel good- to use. It's like driving a Toyota Camry instead of a BMW, or an Audi, or a Mercedes: it makes no sense to get the bimmer from a practicality standpoint, and its ability to get you to the supermarket isn't any greater. But you feel better on the way.

    Criticizing a Mercedes because it isn't a Toyota, and has an inferior price:top speed ratio, is absurd. That's not why you buy it.

    Criticize the idea of paying more for something because it just feels good to use it if you must (and my guess is that all but the most humorless bores would be hypocrites if they did), but Apple delivers an excellent product for its market - and Jobs can predict that market so well he actually creates products for the customer rather than the other way around. That skill is incredibly rare, and, bastard, marketing liar, and other qualities notwithstanding, deserves respect.

    I own no apple products, and never have. I use a custom built PC, a Sager laptop, a BlackBerry phone (no, I did not riot), a BlackBerry PlayBook (long story) and a Sansa Clip. And I also own a 'fine European automobile' (bought used, natch). I could have gotten a Kia that would do the job just as well, but I just -like- mine. It looks nice, the seats are great, and it goes much faster than necessary.

    Am I stupid? Maybe. But how many here who criticize Apple as overpriced would get a Kia instead of a Maserati if they could afford either? Well, if you'd skip the Kia, don't tell me that Apple products are 'bad'. They're just different products than you want.

    Sorry, guys - if people are buying something you don't want, it doesn't make them stupid. But it -does- make Steve Jobs -smart-. As a lifetime PC user, I wish him the best, bastard or not.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      errr, screwed up

      I meant 'creates customers for his products', not 'creates products for his customers'. That's what I get for posting about Apple on a BlackBerry...

      1. Figgus


        "I meant 'creates customers for his products', not 'creates products for his customers'."

        No, you had it right the first time.

    2. Figgus

      To use your car analogy:

      A 100% markup on a Camry with BMW emblems affixed is still a ripoff.

      There is nothing special about the hardware Apple makes, but they are really good at gluing shiny badges on and charging extra for it...

      1. Anonymous Coward

        ahh, but...

        ...Your post is a perfect example of what I'mm talking about. A BMW differs from a Camry in far more ways than a badge. Maybe not ones you care about, but they're there.

        And Apple's hardware is objectively very different from many of its competitors. Again, you might not think they're significant, but you're not the audience. Look and Feel is real, and important, even if that makes you angry. Other people want to pay big markups for difficult-to-create but cheap-to-produce features. Jobs conceptualized and guided those features, and made a few billion dollars. This makes his product design bad how?...

  52. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    He's still alive, and he's still around.

    It's been noted in the press that when Steve was "on leave of absence", he frequently participated in strategy and frequently called executives. He's already got Apple's next ten years planned out. As long as he's still alive (and Chairman of the Board), you can bet no Apple product will go out the door without his approval.

  53. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Quite a week for regime change.

    And for much the same reasons (A desire to remain healthy).


    I think not.

  54. SanityFM

    Very Sad

    Well this is sad. I hope his health improves.

    First Bill and now Steve. He is one of the godfathers of modern computing and one of a handful of people in the late 70's and early 80's who invisiged the future of computing. When Zerox didnt realise what there engineers had invented in the mouse, GUI, and first PC, Jobs was allowed to look over their work he saw that future.

    Regarding Jobs' back story in this article, there are a few minor errors:

    "run-away success of the Apple II and Macintosh computers" Apple II was a runaway success as was the "Lisa" followup buisiness machine. However Macintosh was not a success in those early years and its development along with the adversarial management style of Jobs led to the Apple Board instructing Sculley to sack Jobs after Jobs gave them an ultimatum; "Its Sculley or Me" Sculley now says that the board probably made the wrong choice and should have found a way to use Jobs' talent and "make it work". Anyway, its not important but interesting.

    His finest acheivement, I believe was, getting the record companies round the table and agreeing a framwork for digital distribution of music in the post napster world. Napster saw the potential. Apple legitimised it and with the killer products, itunes and ipod changed the way the world buys music. Consumers around the world said “yes please”.

    He was probably responsible for one of the greatest turnarounds in corporate history when he was re-hired by Apple in '96. His charisma and marketing vision took products and technologies already in the marketplace and put them together in desireable, well thought out packages that worked well. The masses then bought them in their droves making Apple one of the wealthiest corporations in the world. What other corporation or CEO has managed to develop an almost quasi-religious following from it's customer base. That's the holy grail for any corporation. Jobs was a great businessman.

    Best wishes to him and his family for the future.

  55. alfienixon

    health issue

    I feel he has some health related issues. I would say that Apple went well in the hands of steve Jobs and no mistakes can be pointed out.

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