back to article Sony shows next Nex system cameras

Sony has unwrapped this year's additions to its Nex line of compact cameras with interchangeable lenses: the 5N and the 7. Key 5N features include a 16.1Mp APS sensor and a new, grippy rubbery coating for the camera's magnesium alloy body. Sony Alpha Nex 7 compact system camera Nex 7 The 7 likewise sports a more DSLR-like …


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  1. David Gosnell

    NEX-7 viewfinder

    The NEX-7's viewfinder is built-in, not clip-on. See for evidence! Looks a fabulous bit of kit, though body-only price of $1200 mentioned by dpreview seems rather a lot.

  2. N13L5

    if Sony would just get us some lenses

    The only reason I have never bought a Nex5 was the fact that there's no portrait lens, and I'd prefer to have a choice of a 30mm pancake.

    Regardless of how many new models they throw on the market, I won't buy it without the lenses I normally use. (and no, I don't want to fumble with adapters and crap)

    Otherwise, new models are always ok... just hope there will be some non-black-rubbery covered versions too... I'm not a fan of retro looks, and I don't have problems gripping things.

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