back to article NFC phone-tap app makes money!

Touchanote is getting $50,000 of Evernote's VC cash as the winner of the company's developer competition, turning Touchanote into the most profitable NFC app ever. That's according to NFC World, which congratulated the developers on finding an application for NFC that doesn't involve proximity payments, and on making money …


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  1. ScissorHands

    Darned ecosystems!

    So, they'll be building an Evernote app for the Nokia C7 and the Nokia N9, which have NFC built-in? As if!

    Phones do not exist if they don't sell in the USA.

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    "The company reckons you might.....(etc)"

    They'll be wrong then.

    A genuinely practical application escapes me, but then that does seem to be the way of NFC fluffery.

    If you want to stick a note on your fridge, use a post-it:

    1) You can read it without having to have your phone on you.

    2) You can update it without tapping away on some pathetic excuse for a keyboard, going quietly batshit insane in the process.

    3) When you take it to the supermarket, you can easily read it without either having to nip home to wave your phone at the fridge, or navigate some tosser's cloud website on a phone screen.

    4) If someone else does the shopping, they are not SOL on knowing what to get.

    1. Jerome 0


      5) Post-it notes don't cost a dollar each.

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