back to article Dish eyes 4G LTE wireless network

Dish Networks is following LightSquared's lead in applying to the FCC to be relieved of its obligation to use satellite frequencies for satellite communications. The plan is to provide Americans with data access using TD-LTE, over the frequencies which are supposed to be reserved for satellite communications, and Dish would …


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  1. Gary B.


    The FCC really should recant their authorization of the frequencies to LightSquared for use as ground-based communications. The whole idea was flawed from the start, and if they grant authorization to Dish Network as well, I fear a flood of operators will start doing the same. Which wouldn't be such a problem if the uses of satellite frequencies was so much different than terrestrial communications. There's no way around the fact that satellites are FAR away from the ground (regardless of orbital altitude), and light-of-sight means terrestrial towers tend to be much closer. (Ignoring forms of long-distance ground-based communications not restricted to LOS, but subject to atmospheric disturbances)

  2. bazza Silver badge


    "LightSquared's plan was clearly insane..."

    So when does insanity become genius? *If* Lightsquared do get to deploy a national terrestrial service then they will have got themselves some prime bandwidth without having to pay top dollar.

    It should also be a lesson to all spectrum users. Just becaues the adjacent frequency bands are apparently clear doesn't mean that you can assume they always will be.

  3. Ru

    It should also be a lesson to all spectrum users

    Quite. "Lobby harder and donate more money if you don't want to end up with unpleasant, noisy neighours".

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