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Forget the lacklustre sequel Invisible War, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the true, worthy successor to Deus Ex, a breathtaking paragon of the genre the original helped define. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Bringing more to the table Yes, there's little novelty in its genre conceits. Hacking and circumvention, augmentations, …


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  1. Z 1
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    This makes me feel better...

    About the upcoming Thief 4 which Square Enix are also working on.

    1. Ian Yates
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      Looking forward to getting my sneak on again

  2. Stephen Usher

    Oh no, boss levels!

    Whilst reading the review I was getting more and more interested in the game, right until the four boss levels were mentioned. I then lost all interest in the game.

    For me boss levels totally detract from a game such as this and feel like an artificial barrier added by the developers. I which they'd stop thinking that they need them.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Phoned in bosses.

    'in practice it takes a mix of stealth and gunplay to succeed'

    Again, apart from the boss battles.

    I focused my upgrades on stealth and awareness and this was massively successful right up until the first boss, whereupon I was locked into a square room with a big tanky bastard and nowhere to hide.

    The stealth elements vanished and were replaced by running around in circles wildly spraying bullets.

    I was surprised not to see a cut scene in which a butch looking naked chick pulled at a fixture so hard her arms fell off though. I only have the journo's preview build so I am sure it will turn up in the full version....

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
      Paris Hilton

      "I was surprised not to see a cut scene"

      Was that a GiTS reference?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        @Destroy All Monsters

        > Was that a GiTS reference?

        Absolutely. To be honest it feels like the game is one big GiTS reference (and I thoroughly approve).

        Apart from the Francis Pritchard character. I think he is meant to be a shout out to 'Thunderbirds'.

        Those eyebrows.....

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

  5. Matt 116
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    Title? Really, why exactly?

    I thought invisible war was rubbish, but the original was fantastic. Really glad to hear there are substantially more than 5 hours of gameplay (cough COD4). That in itself makes this look like an interesting game to pick up.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    They always seem to set these a little to close in the future.

    I mean look at the difference between now and 1995. Apart from thinner laptops, smarter phones and a crappier economy, what's the difference?

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Fatter Americans?

      /mines the one with the Primal diet book in the pocket.

  7. Dahak

    It's a bit brown.

    Excessively so in fact.

    Presumably they have extreme indoor smog. Or the nanites are eating most of the visible light,

  8. Alvar

    Too close in spirit to the original??

    Possibly not close enough for my liking.

    I'm going to be trying my best to avoid using the 3rd-person cover system and takedowns, but it looks like at least they've got a lot closer to Deus Ex than Invisible War did.

  9. mafoo

    The Password..

    Iron and Copper

    1. Richard 81


      What a shame.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    "Ah, that was a gun in your pocket and you're not happy to see me"

    mouthful of water...right out the nose.


  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Playing through it now

    It's remarkably similar to the original, even keeping the somewhat daft inventory system. New toy not fitting? Re-arrange your other toys until it does. There's still books, newspapers, and emails to read. The voice acting is on average better than the original, which is a shame really. Even though you're shuttled from location to location by a sassy pilot, I'm not expecting a

    Jock: Oh my god! JC! A Bomb!

    JC: A Bomb!


    On the whole the new protagonist isn't nearly as unintentionally hilarious as JC was.

    1. nichomach


      ...I LIKED playing inventory tetris!

  12. Andy Tunnah


    been waiting a long time for this. when i first heard about it i was expecting a half-arsed attempt at a reboot, some studio trying to cash in on the legacy while not appreciating the source

    started getting my hopes up a few months ago after seeing footage, then i read an interview with the art director ( ) and i was hooked

    it was never going to be as good as the original, and you have to expect some pandering to console gamers so it's not gonna be a technological leap forward either, but at least they were reasonable faithful to the legacy

    wonder if it still plays ok with a mouse & keyboard though..

  13. Minophis
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    Worth the wait

    I finished this over the weekend on the PS3 (trying the patience of my girlfriend in the process).

    I have to say that I am very impressed. The game feels very much like the original with all the same themes (corporate power, conspiracy theories, the ethics of human augmentation, manipulation of the ordinary people by unseen powers), the same strong narrative and the same flexibility in game style. It is true that the boss fights are unavoidable but they are built into the narrative as well as can be expected. They have also avoided the many mistakes made by invible war.

    Gameplay definitley favours stealth. I died several times on the easiest level by trying to get into straight fire fights with multiple opponents. However the stealth is a lot of fun to play and requires a lot of thoughtful planning, observation and care. Hiding behind a pillar a few feet away from guards who could kill you with ease waiting for them to split up so you can pick them off one by one is very tense and when you get it right very satisfying.

    The praxis kits are expensive and aquiring them by experience is slow so working out the best way to spend them is quite a challenge. Invisibility sounds great but being able to hack computers and door locks is just as useful.

    My main complaint is the lack of foodstuffs in the game. The special ability augmentations use a lot of juice and recharging them takes food. Why can I wander the market backstreets of a chinese city loaded with cash and be able to find ammo, grenades, silencers but I can't simply walk into a shop and buy some food. The shopkeeper simply comments that I am not a local and he doesn't want any trouble.

    Their attempt at ragdoll physics could be improved as well.

    I was very happy when I first learned the was going to be a new Deus Ex game. I have not been dissapointed and hope this breathes new life into a fantastic franchise.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's fine - but that's all

    Well, the first couple of hours were awesome. Then came the first boss. I had thought "Ha - just because there are bosses, that won't ruin it.. These reviewers, they'll moan about anything they've got to hand. Bunch of moaning gits." How wrong I was. Total and utter pish so it was. Took me far too many goes to kill the sod, eventually resorting to chucking exploding barrels at his head like it was feckin' Zelda or something. Christ.. Awful.

    But apart from that it's lovely. Atmospheric, nice storyline so far, looks reasonably good even on my outdated machine, and although it's very linear (yes, there are side quests, but there's only freedom within heavy constraints..) this keeps the narrative moving nicely so I've not really noticed it much, other than post-boss kill when changing locations and being warned that all unfinished side quests will be terminated..

    Anyways.. it's not a 90%er, but a good 80 I'd say. Could be 90 without the bloody bosses though.

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