back to article iRumours: Flash sources point to cheap iPhone 4. Or 5

A Korean company is apparently manufacturing a Flash drive for an 8GB version of the Apple iPhone 4, according to sources interviewed by Reuters. The two people familiar with the matter declined to be identified "because the information has not been made public", but claimed the new iPhone is expected to launch within weeks. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Bigger screen, you say?

    A bigger screen means that apple doesn't need to 'shop' pictures it submits to the European courts... :)

    1. farizzle

      and what exactly is wrong with

      'gimping' the pictures instead?!?

      Gimp my pics! Gimp my pics!

  2. petur

    a better antenna?

    So there was a problem with it?

    Should the user hold the new model differently too?

    1. Allicorn

      Title schmitle

      No, one can use the same two cheeks one would for any other Apple product.

  3. eek the geek

    It'll be like last time then...

    As soon as the 16GB iPhone 4 came out it was suddenly impossible to find a 16GB 3GS anywhere. Probably find the 16GB iPhone 4 will vanish and anyone wanting some decent space will have no choice but to fork out for the newest iPhone.

  4. Richard 116

    It makes sense if true

    "A Korean company is apparently manufacturing a Flash drive for an 8GB version of the Apple iPhone 4"

    Look at the Apple Store now. 8gb 3GS, 16 and 32gb 4. 3GS is dropped, 4 gets cheaper/smaller drive, 5 gets 16 and 32gb.

  5. CmdrX3

    I doubt it

    It's not really in Apples nature to sell cheap. Even their crappiest Mac is way overpriced. I think they are happy to sell lower amounts at premium price than higher amounts at bargain price. It's certainly worked for them so far so why would they bother changing their strategy. I'm sure there are still quite a few suckers they can rope in yet.

  6. Arctic fox

    Most peculiar.

    According to the report on the Graun's tech-site, Reuter's are reporting that this alleged "cheap" version of the iPhone4 will have "an improved antenna". If this really is the case one has to wonder what the improvement(s) might be. Not external perhaps? Not in two parts that can be bridged? Do we not have it on the authority of no less than Mr Jobs himself that there is nothing wrong with the iPhone4's current antenna? All that noise in the media at the time was purely got up by Cupertino's rivals?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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