back to article Ukrainian authorities charge four in huge carder ring

Ukrainian authorities said they arrested four people who were part of organized hacking gang that caused about $20 million in damages through the use of fraudulent payment cards. The individuals were seized earlier this month, along with data stored on a computer for about 100,000 cards, according to a statement (Google …


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  3. Trevor 7
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    Good to hear

    Finally they are catching up with the end receivers of the cash sent by money mules. Hopefully they can continue to crack down.

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    How does it work?

    I can't do anything with my Canadian bank account!

    I don't see a button to Wire funds. I believe you need to go in person to the branch to wire funds.

    Interac Email transfer has a limit of $1,000 and you would still need another Canadian bank account.

    I can make payments for bills (re: "Pay Bills" for Internet and Electricity etc.), but they would need to set up an account with another Canadian Financial institution in order to accept payments for bills (and it would need to be a Business account); and I am sure there are verifications steps required for that.

    In fact the above 2 methods are the only way I know of that money can go away online from your bank account.

    How do they expect to money out of a Canadian Bank account, and I am sure the above are the same for banks in other countries also?

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