back to article Skype gulps group app as it is swallowed by Microsoft

Another Microsoft me-too Web 2.0 project looks to be headed for the chop with Skype's proposed purchase of a mobile messaging start-up. Skype is buying GroupMe, another app masquerading as a business, that has 20 employees and $10.6m in funding. The service lets you marshal your contacts into groups. Microsoft itself is in …


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  1. James 51

    Sorry, had to point it out

    in an mission to reduce costs

  2. david 63

    Just illustrating that...

    ..Farcebook + Skype would have been a more comfortable marriage than MS + Skype...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    merge projects

    gives you "Group Me In" or "We're In A Group"

    or to tie in location "Bing (Bung?) it in a group"

  4. Goat Jam

    "Skype continuing to work on "non-Microsoft" platforms."

    As long as those products are not called Asterisk

    1. Christopher W


      A friend of mine who runs an indie hosting service has a perfectly capable skype-to-asterisk bridge set up... I helped him bug test. (granted, it ain't native though)



    Skype is dead as a dodo. Has no proprietary technology. Google phone works great!

  6. Rex Alfie Lee

    So Microsoft keeps Skype non-MS enabled...

    This would be because MS isn't actually in the game at this point & everyone knows it. Ballmer wants to keep track of ongoing issues to ensure his last big buy, his overpriced burst ballon fails only to him. The problem here is that everyone sees it even if he tries to keep it quiet...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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