back to article Sage stuffed in Mind Your Own Business bid

Geordie small biz provider Sage has been beaten in the battle over Australian accounts provider MYOB even though it was offering more for the firm. Sage was offering A$1.3bn and was supposedly the preferred bidder. But fears over its not being able to gain shareholder approval tipped the balance to favour Bain Capital. The …


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  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "Sage's market cap has fallen to *about* £3.1bn "

    Well you may not like them (and if you've used the latest version of ACT unpatched you certainly won't) but they are *substantial* UK software house that does not depend on HMG.

    Still MYOB customers have probably had a lucky escape.

  2. Mark 65

    Bain Capital

    For the same price, be sold to a competitor or to asset-stripping debt-leveraging capital market parasites (allegedly in my opinion) - what a choice.

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