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WebOS is all but dead, and died without apparently leaving a gap for its competitors to fill, but the bloodbath of mobile platforms isn't over despite the clearing field. LiPS, LiMo, Moblin, Maemo and MeeGo are all dead or dying, while Symbian fights on like some jungle soldier who has not been told of the surrender. Access is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    4 way fight or 2 way fight?

    "so the field seems clear for a four-way battle between Apple, Google, Microsoft and RIM"

    Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 are an utter joke, and the only reason it's gets listed is it's Microsoft, the reality is that it's a stillborn platform (like Bada) , and I would argue that RIM is also dying too..

    It's a straight two-way fight Android / iOS battle, that Android seems to be dominating. (hence why Apple are resorting to litigation as their only remaining defence).

  2. dotdavid

    It was you!

    "As Head of Enabling Software this was your correspondent's role at O2."

    If I were you I'd be wary of admitting stuff like that to this lot. From what I remember of that era, "enabling" software was the kind of bloatware that disabled a lot of smartphones' best features.

    Flame icon because the lynch mob will be using it.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It is the platforms that counted the operators as friends which are now being recognised as casualties.


    No further comment necessary.

    1. Goat Jam


      This is the reason I bought my first iphone. They all (nokia, SE, motorola) got what they deserved after years of treating the operators as their customers and end users as mere cattle for the slaughter.

      The anti-apple brigade can rant all they like about walled gardens and the general control freakiness in Cupertino but the truth is that apple gave all those other losers the kick in the arse that they so richly deserved.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    as long as the smartphone can play Angry Birds, etc...

    I remember, back in the good old days, when we used to use phones for calling people.

  5. Rosco

    Facebook on WP7

    "as long as the smartphone can play Angry Birds, read Facebook, and keep Twitter up to date then the rest is just fluff."

    Redmond does have deep pockets but they don't seem very willing to spend it in the direction of that quote from the article. I got a WP7 and I like it enough to put up with its shortcomings (for now ... Mango needs to be very good). But I was stunned at the poor quality of the Facebook app. Like Bill Ray, I expected that Microsoft would subsidise development of top drawer apps for things that users really care about. But no, the Facebook app is in need of serious work and has been for months and months. I can only assume that it has a very small team working on it.

    I find that strategically astonishing from MS. I would have thought it was obvious to anyone that getting FB right was a no-brainer to gain traction for their last-chance-saloon platform. But apparently they don't get it.

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Rubbish Facebook app

      From what I've read, the Facebook apps on Android and iOS are rubbish as well. So this may not be an MS fault, so much as a Facebook problem. Seeing as MS are both a Facebook shareholder, and partner, you'd expect them to be able to get FB to build an app at least as good as the others.

      1. Rosco

        Not as good as iOS or Android

        There are certainly shortcomings of the Facebook APIs (which are presumably deliberate to make sure users have to go to the website and see the ads). But I've used the Facebook apps on iOS, Android and WP7 and I can say that the WP7 one is the worst. The most troubling part is that it doesn't even use the WP7 UI properly. For example, pressing on something doesn't give any feedback that you've pressed it (the text should press backwards in 3D). And the live tiles and push notifications are exceedingly buggy, working sometimes but mostly not at all.

  6. whatsa

    there are courses for this...

    Yes.. mostly waffle

    why is there no professionalism any more...

    just self-indulgent individuals who cannot seem to provide an objective non-partisan review.

    (by all means add your personal view or feelings clearly stated as such)

    The register seems to attract this type of reporting...poor effort

    sorry not meant to offend.

    Oh by the way how did you determine meego is dead?

    Hmm. not because of Nokia they don't control it.

    not because of sales ... not on sale yet(phones)

    not because of reviews of upcoming products ...all rave reviews

    not because of manufacturer interest?

    you really should do more work and less I feel stuff..again sorry but this is a very poor article

  7. MS Rocks

    Give it a couple of years Mr Shitpeas....

    The Borg will prevail. They always do. And that pleases me.

    I remember when Xbox launched. The internet was alive with similar 'epic fail' type statements from spotty teenage types. But they were wrong then, and you are wrong now.

  8. N13L5

    People do care what OS they get in a phone

    True, a little old lady who has no kids advising her on whats good will swallow up the sales guy's talk, and so be responsible for any sales Windphone7 does get.

    Bada phones get bought by people who can't afford Samsung's Android phones and need a good deal but still want to get some of the current trendy features they've been bombarded with on TV and elsewhere.

    I'm just wishing for phones that, like PC's, let us install whatever OS we want, including dual boots

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