back to article Nimbula 'cloud operating system' spans data centers

Nimbula – the build-your-own-cloud outfit founded by Amazon's former vice president of engineering – has announced a new release of its Director platform, saying it will allow businesses to run a unified "infrastructure cloud" across geographically separate data centers. In short, this means that those using such a cloud can …


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  1. Kirbini

    I'm no clould expert but....

    How is this different than the new availability zones feature in OpenStack or even EC2? Or is it that Nimbula does away with the zone concept all together?

  2. T J

    His Generic Holiness...

    There is no such thing as 'generic clustering', so this is just hype.

    Only established things like content-serving can make use of any sort of clustering solution 'out of the box', everything else must be tailor made.

    This is a Holy Grail matter, ie. not really solvable and it will make big CompSci news if it ever is.

    Why do I keep saying 'cluster' instead of 'cloud' ? Because I'm a computer scientist and I call things what they are, I don't care what some coked up exec calls them.

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