back to article Ubuntu erects stairway to VMware code cloud

Ubuntu 11.10 will ship with both the client and server components of Cloud Foundry, the "platform cloud" VMware open sourced this spring. On Wednesday, VMware and Ubuntu guardian Canonical announced that the next incarnation of the Linux distro – due for official release in October – will include Cloud Foundry packages built …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    is that all?

    "Canonical claims 12 million active Ubuntu desktop users"

    Really? Guess all that stuff about Linux failing on the desktop is really actually true. Shame.

    1. Martin Owens

      That Number

      Is probably very conservative estimate based on the number of unique IP addresses that contact the central apt server.

      Of course this computer lab full of Ubuntu computers (which installs many laptops and desktops with Ubuntu) is not only one ip address for many computers, but also sets the apt mirror to MIT or Berkeley and not to the central canonical UK servers.

      I do sometimes get the feeling though that Canonical are deliberately understating their numbers for some unfathomable reason.

      No comment on the cloud thing, I don't think many people know what they're doing there.

  2. RISC OS

    You have to look at the bigger picture

    to you and me 12 million might seem like a lot... but compared to the number of people worldwide using computers it is nothing.... also how many of those desktops exist in VMs? or in dual boot systems? How many actually get used daily as the primary os?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Make that 12million less one

    Since 11.04 came out and proved to be a POS (IMHO) and k'u failed to boot on my Thinkpad T500 I've left the fold. It has been coming for some time I'm afraid.

    Increasingly buggy and rushed releases have really dampend my love for the former Debian orphan.

    Some of the decisions made by Mr Shuttleworth and his team are just plain silly.

    So I have confessed my sins, paid my pennance and rejoined the Debian fold.

    I'm not alone in that move. There are a lot of former Ubuntu devotees popping up again on the Debian forums.

    As for this 'Stairway to the Vmware Heaven'? Well I'm old enough to have seen LZ at the Roundhouse pre 1970 and used various versions of VMWare over the years. I have to say, it is not far too bloated unless you get into Hypervisors and it looks like the work that RH are doing with KVM could challenge VMWare. Perhaps this might be a step to far and they come tumbling down those rickety stairs.

    Why can't we have multiple icons? Then I put 50 Fails ones here.

    1. Martin Owens

      Community Salute

      The Ubuntu community salutes you sir for choosing to stay with a Free Desktop operating system. Which one you choose is quite the irrelevance to fixing Bug #1. If Ubuntu is the gateway for a mass migration to Fedora, then we've done our job right and we care not a jot.

      Unless you get one of the fan boys who really love their computer's software brand so much, that they constantly troll fail on anyone who uses anything different.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    So "Cloud Foundry is the obvious choice", is it?

    It would be nice if El Reg could ensure its publishings aren't biased. Or are VMware paying you to say this?

  5. Asher Bond

    Private/Hybrid PaaS

    I think this will help private PaaS opportunities emerge that eventually fit into a more public framework at the higher end of the technology attendance end closer to the state of the art. CloudFoundry is becoming the open standard for platform services in the cloud.

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