back to article ICANN chief Beckstrom says he will go in July 2012

Rod Beckstrom, the president and CEO of domain name industry overseer ICANN, has announced that he will leave the job when his contract expires in July next year. rodbeckstrom Wrapping up: Rod Beckstrom "I have decided to wrap up my service at ICANN July 2012," he wrote on Twitter last night. ICANN later followed up with a …


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  1. Yes Me Silver badge

    greater control??

    "it seems more likely that the US, upset with some of ICANN's recent decisions, will exert greater control over the organisation."

    Quite happy to see Beckstrom go, but the last thing we need is a resurgence of US hegemony. It's *really* time to yank the umbilical cord out.

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