back to article Sage looking to mind Mind Your Own Business' business

Geordie accountancy specialist Sage is in the race to buy Australian firm MYOB (from Mind Your Own Business) which offers similar services down under. The deal could close for as much as A$1bn (£637m) according to sources quoted by Reuters. MYOB has been in business for over 20 years and claims a million Aussie and Kiwi …


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  1. AndyS


    "...which offers similar services"

    What's that then? Not that I can't google, but you know, it's kind of central to the article?

    1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      It is in the article

      "It started life with one accountancy product but now offers various business, payroll, sales and marketing products"

      Although I didn't realise Sage did marketting products?

  2. Kevin Johnston


    I used to use this and was paying an annual 'maintenance' fee but was told that they had been bought out and I had to buy an upgrade to cover all sorts of crap I didn't want. Told them this in no uncertain terms and the response was 'well tough, you won't get any more PAYE/NI/VAT updates even though you have 9 months left on your annual agreement'.

    Fortunately GNUCash works really well, is free, and HMRC now have their act together in providing simple information to do payroll stuff.


  3. Adrian Esdaile

    same services?

    "...which offers similar services"

    What, a crappy cobbled-together mishmash of components that doesn't work properly and requires UAC to be switched off under Win7 64bit to even work?

  4. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Sage now own the ACT CRM product

    I had personal experience of it straight out of the box.

    What a dog. For some reason they moved the development team to a different state and seemed to have lost some key people. Result 10-20 secs moving between records in a 2000 rec database.

    As always benchmark software (fully patched) *before* you buy.

    Expect your MYOB performance to go down the gurgler ASAP.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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