back to article Mac OS X Lion gets bug-squashing update

Apple has released an update for its new Mac OS X 10.7, aka Lion, that promises to fix a number of vexing bugs that have been burbling into view in discussions on Apple's user forums. The update, version 10.7.1, comes in four flavors: a general update for both Mac OS X Lion client and server, an update specific to the 2011 …


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  1. pcsupport

    How about the important update...

    … to return iCal and Address Book back from Mickey Mouse land?

    1. Chris Thomas Alpha

      spaces too!

      or how about returning the missing functionality in spaces, making the mouse gestures configurable exposing all windows on desktop might be nice too, I tried installing it on tuesday but within 2 hours of trying to find how to configure the mouse and realising how much I've lost, I just immediately google'd for "time machine downgrade lion"

      lion is for newbies, it's not for professionals, no less professionals who might need more advanced tools than what amounts to an ipad update of snow leopard, it's incredible how bad lion is compared to snow leopard.....

      take this example, keyboard repeat, now if you press and hold a key, it types one letters, not X letters depending on how long you hold it, now if you hold the key, a small pop-up appears letting you choose u, ú, ü, etc, etc, it's like what happens on your phone.

      my macbook isn't a phone dammit, it's a laptop, it has a keyboard, I can type the keyboard combos, I dont need a touch screen interface, or the tools because I don't have a fricking touch screen....

      normally I love what apple has done, their phones, mp3 players, laptops are the best money can buy in terms of hardware design, I dropped my aluminium macbook from 2 meters to the hard tile floor, just "dented" the corner, try that with your plastic laptop and let me know how that goes...

      but Lion?!

      1. mafoo


        defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

        that will turn off the key repeating iOS popup.

        Whats far more important is the loss of the custom (and color) icons in side bars.

        Thats really, really, really pissing me off.

        I did find a SIMBL plugin that brings it back bit it requires you restart the finder every time you reboot. (requires SIMBL to be installed)

      2. hexx

        mouse gestures

        try bettertouch tool, my friend has been using it for over a year to customize gestures on his magic mouse. i'm laptop user so no need for me.

        "lion is for newbies, it's not for professionals, no less professionals who might need more advanced tools than what amounts to an ipad update of snow leopard, it's incredible how bad lion is compared to snow leopard....." - down to personal preference, on laptop lion is much better than snow leo, full screen mode does help a lot. I used to have 4 spaces before, now i have only 2, 1 for random shit and other one for lightroom in full screen (lightroom needs update to support 'new' full screen mode where it creates it's own 'space'). flicking with 3 fingers between full screen apps/spaces is very intuitive and on keyboard it's cmd+arrows.

        I find it much easier to navigate using gestures and switching between apps than before - using touch pad.

        so it's your personal preference, i'm much faster in lion than in snow leo - gestures, gestures, gestures!

  2. SuccessCase


    What have they done with Address book in particular? Previously a perfect example of less is more. Now the kind of thing you would expect MS to produce and has completely unintuitive interaction with contact groups. Far worse though is the disappearing email I am suffering in Mail connecting to exchange. A selection of the mails that arrive are visible only for a shirt period, but then disappear, quite of their own accord, never to be seen again. This is a simply dreadful bug which should never have made it past QA and has almost rendered my new MacBook Air useless for my current work. Far worse though is the fact it has caused me so many problems professionally before realizing the problem existed. When explaining yourself to the client whose mail system you have to connect to "apologies for not doing x, y or z, your mail disappeared ( even though it is still there on your server)" is almost as bad as "the dog ate my homework"

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Clearly you got it wrong again Reg-O

    Last week you were announcing "no 10.7.1, Apple will instead have 10.7.2" and now you've got an article for the very-real release.

    Make up your riot ridden minds, eh?

  4. It wasnt me
    Thumb Down


    Doest fix the 2 bugs I have though. One I can live with (predictive search sometimes not working with safari in full screen mode). The other I can't. Every 2 minutes or so I get a popup appearing telling me "Could not connect to server, transfers of type file:/ are not supported". Apparently the fix is to de-register my time machine by connecting to another one, then re connecting. Thats all well and good, but I dont have another time machine, and Im not buying one just to fix an apple bug. Bastards.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    ..and the update to:

    - fix the huge delays to the finder while a network-based time machine backup is running

    - fix the video flickering on Ati 4890 (was fine in Snow leopard) in a Mac Pro; only occurs on dual screens, but it's fine if you unplug one of the screens. Annoying, ever so slightly.

    - fix the occasional hanging grey screen on shutdown

    - fix the pregnant pauses in safari when the flash plugin loads

    @ pcsupport: +1. What were Apple thinking???

  6. KroSha


    Try this for iCal:

    I think there's one knocking around for Address Book too.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    It just


  8. Nameless Faceless Computer User

    Couldn't see this coming?

    Given Apple's past OS release vs bug squashing it's quite surprising that people actually went out of their way to upgrade to Lion as soon as it was released.

    Wake me up when Lion reaches 10.7.7.

  9. Mondo the Magnificent

    In the back seat

    I am so glad I didn't jump on the Lion andwagon when it was released.

    My gut instinct told me to wait a little while and with an update being bavailable to developers within a week of Lion's release, I knew I'd done the right thing.

    I'm still running 10,6 (Snow Leopard) on the MacBook and iMac and may contemplate taking the Azlanian upgrade in a few months time, once it's all settled down

    Right now my Macs work well and don't bless me with any unwanted surprises.. so result..

    Sometimes it is good to sit in the back seat and watch...

  10. Mark 65


    Given one thing that is fixed is the problem of sometimes disappearing Admin accounts from a Snow Leopard update, can I assume that these fixes have been rolled into the download of the OS on the App Store or do I have to update my system from this version, have the problems, then fix the problems?

  11. Nick Pettefar

    Save and Save As! Bugger!

    Where have they gone? I can no longer use Preview or Text Edit thanks to the lack of these vital features! Where has my Spaces top menu indicator gone too?


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