back to article Nvidia enlists Cray CTO for Tesla GPU assault

If Advanced Micro Devices was thinking it had a shot of delivering GPU coprocessors to supercomputer maker Cray - which already uses its Opteron chips in its HPC clusters - the odds just went down. Former Cray chief technology officer Steve Scott, who spent 19 years designing machines and interconnects, has just been tapped as …


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  1. Levente Szileszky

    "Riiight" said AMD and yawned. "Wake me up when NVDA becomes a player in x86 server world..."

    And that sums it up all - all the buzz about ARM-based servers etc are pretty lame when 90+ percent of server sales are x86. Nvidia, short on x86 license, can only serve up ARM on its GPGPU platform but in the meantime AMD is adding GPU to its x86...

    Call me a pessimist but I cannot see Nvidia converting large number of x86 enterprise users to ARM/GPU-based platforms... I think Nvidia will become more and more a niche player. Which, of course, does not mean they won't make profit, not at all - but their already astronomical R&D cost will go even further up without similarly skyrocketing revenues on the horizon.

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