back to article Audio Technica ANC7b noise-cancelling headphones

You don’t have to be a geek to have a fondness for a gadget that just ‘works’. Perhaps a mobile phone that does bugger all than manage calls but gets a signal wherever you are. How about a simple pair of headphones? From a technical standpoint, perhaps not so simple in the case of Audio Technica’s ATH-ANC7b cans. However, just …


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  1. Kevin Pollock
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    Brilliant 'phones - but try

    I've had a pair of ANC7's (not 7b's) since about 2006 and after using them for frequent long haul travel I have to say they're brilliant - everything the reviewer points out.

    I remember when I bought them that the original review said they are "Bose quality without the price tag" and I would have to agree.

    If you want to buy these beauties you would be well advised to shop on I found them for $99 new. At that sort of price (plus shipping and the risk of duty) I would suggest they genuinely are the best in the world.

  2. Anonymous Cowbard

    Bose called

    They want their design back, including the case and little net bag on the inside.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Funny how they look like rebranded Golding NS-1000 down to the case

    very good too (but painful if you wear glasses) and only 50 quid.

    1. d00feruk

      Not sure about the glasses pain

      I've had the NS-1000's for about a year now... and think they're brilliant. I don't have any pain using them with glasses though!

  4. bigbeardygeek

    Cheaper alternative

    Look familiar?

    1. stu 4
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      yup, I agree

      I have the goldrings, and they are exactly the same looking, down to the hard case, accesories and net pouch.

      I'd wager they are a rebranding.

      You can pick up the goldrings for 65 quid from among others.

      I certainly agree that they are great headphones with top sound cancelling... and for 65 quid rather than nearly 200 (which was what the goldrings originally sold for) you should bite their hand off

  5. Buzzword

    Great review, but.....

    A quick snoop on the interwebs tells me that these have been available since 2009. Why are they only now being reviewed? I appreciate that good 'phones last a long time, but still.

  6. Jolyon

    Good neighbour

    I wish headphone reviews included some mention, ideally a standardised test, of noise leakage.

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