back to article AFACT vs iiNet round 3

AFACT, the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft, has re-booted its war with ISP iiNet after getting clearance to appeal its case to the High Court. The Hollywood studio-backed AFACT had its case against ISP iiNet struck down twice by the Federal Court, the most recent loss in February. "Thirty-four film and …


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  1. wathend

    AFACT just want a free ride

    AFACT and the studios just want to site back and reap the millions from sales and not have to protect their product themselves. If they really want to stop piracy then they need to put some skin in the game and not rely on ISPs to foot the bill for monitoring, better still they could even come up with a business model that promoates their wares.

    I hope they end up loosing and then go away and rot in their declining business model hell.

  2. Steven Roper

    This is the last level of appeal

    in the Australian legal system. Hopefully, if the High Court judges display the same level of decency and common sense as the other judges in this case have so far, these greedy bastards will be sent packing.

    To AFACT and their corporate masters I say: Want a market for your product? 1. Stop using geolocation to prevent people in other countries from viewing content. The internet is GLOBAL. 2. Stop using DRM to try to restrict how and where we listen to or watch media. 3. Set up an all-you-can-eat download site that works as efficiently and as user-friendly as bittorrent does.

    Then you'll have your market. But as long as you continue to insist on trying to megalomaniacally micromanage our use of media, we will continue to fight you. And you won't win. Not now. Not in a thousand years.

  3. Winkypop Silver badge

    Snivelling, money hungry toadies!

    Go iiNet !!!

    Go and sic em once again.

    Surely these legal-liggers cannot succeed at their tiresome trawling.

    No, I'm not a pirate.

    I'm not even an iiNet customer.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Gotta love the Australian legal system....

    If at first you don't win, pay more money to buy a better result!

  5. John Tserkezis

    And I'll say it YET AGAIN.

    You can set up a system, be it DRM, courts, or otherwise to absolutely enforce a zero-pirate environment.

    But you had better be happy with your three remaining customers.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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