back to article iLuv iPad 2 case and Bluetooth keyboard

If you have an Apple iPad, the chances are you'll have some kind of accessory to protect it. While a Jiffy bag would do, you'll probably be inclined to consider something more enduring. Typing on a piece of glass has a few shortcomings too – not only the lack of tactile responsiveness but the fact that the virtual keyboard …


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  1. DJ 2
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    From the photo,

    It looked like the case was covering the back facing camera, this is a big big failure with all the cases I've looked at.

  2. hexx


    that's a lot for a case, but it comes with a keyboard. I find InCase Origami Workstation interesting too, link:

  3. hexx
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    taking back my previous comment

    it's for keyboard only, booooooo retard me

  4. Superspurs


    The smell will be the fungicide they spray the leather with.

    I believe they use it to prevent it rotting on its seabound journey from the Far East. Sometimes they get a bit carried away (like the leather sofas recently that gave people chemical burns).

    Still at least it keeps it from rotting though, eh!...

  5. Miek

    Nice ...

    It looks a bit like a laptop

    1. Anonymous Coward


      A touch-screen laptop, no less!

      I've heard it can fall to pieces pretty easily though, best to stick to a ThinkPad.

  6. Natalie Gritpants Silver badge

    Turn your Ipad into a laptop

    And have two batteries to worry about.

    While on the subject of worries: padding usually makes a good thermal insulator as does the glass screen. How does the heat from inside the iPad get out? Did you check the temperature is gets too when playing video / minting bitcoins?

  7. Cliff


    The most useful accessory combination for an iPad2 is to turn it into a netbook, only more expensive and less convenient. Genius.

  8. jai

    had the first version of this for my ipad1

    and while it worked very well, as the review says the new version does, i did find it rather pointless having a bluetooth keyboard attached to my ipad.

    the device is a touchscreen device, afterall, and the majority of uses involve touching the screen, which isn't overly comfortable when propped up for typing.

    so in the end, i've got a much lighter and form-fitting cover and have grown to get used to typing on the on screen keyboard

    1. Anonymous Coward


      ^^This. There is no point getting an iPad if you have to stick all these pointless accessories to it. A keyboard may look handy, but it turns it into a laptop or netbook, which defeats the point of tablet. I have considered getting a keyboard for my ipad as i have to write short articles while commuting and I came to the conclusion that if you want the keyboard, you have to either get used to the touch screen or buy a netbook/laptop.

  9. Len Goddard


    Oooh. It turns your iPad into an EeePad Transformer.

    Without the extra batteries, SD Card port, USB ports etc of course.

  10. CaptSmeg

    No and thrice no!

    No no no no ... No! If I wanted a laptop I would have bought one.

    (plus if you need a case there are much better designed / quality ones out there)

  11. Anonymous Coward

    iLuv? Seriously?

    Who in their right mind would buy anything from a company called iLuv?

    Nasty chavy cheap crap.

  12. Bassey

    How much

    Jesus wept. I got a tablet AND a keyboard/case for £80 off Amazon.

  13. Mostor Astrakan

    That picture looks...

    Hauntingly familiar. As if I've seen something like it before. Something portable, with a keyboard... No. Damn, it's gone. It'll come to me. Wait.

    Ah! A LAPTOP! Such as you can buy at your local PC Illiterates for half the price of a fondleslab.

    Mind you, this doesn't look like it would actually stand up on your lap. Maybe someone can construct something with a hinge or something. Don't you LOVE innovation?

  14. Robredz

    So basically you just turned your fondleslab into a laptop

    easy solution then make a netbook with a touch screen , and a detachable keyboard,

    Sorry Mr Jobs, my Idea, pinch it and I will sue your sorry ass

  15. Mr Floppy

    Cheap and more expensive alternatives

    There's a Kensington version that is $100 and then theres a dealextreme version that's $40. Still, where's the projection keyboard?

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