back to article LinkedIn pulls Facebook-style stunt

LinkedIn has become the latest social networking site to decide that new features can be added and switched on by default, and users don’t have to be notified. The feature allows LinkedIn to use profile information like names and photos in third-party advertising, and seems to have been first noticed by blogger Steve Woodruff …


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  1. Chris Gray 1

    In Settings/Accoumt

    Just to add more info - the setting is found by clicking on the tiny "Settings" up near the top of some pages, and then going into the "Account" tab.

    1. Powerpointmonkey

      Direct Link

      ere is the direct link to the page where you can turn off this preference

      1. clanger9

        More links

        I think these should all work:

        Manage social advertising:

        Manage enhanced advertising:

        Data sharing with third party applications:

        Any other "hidden" settings we should know about?

        1. clanger9

          Re: More links

          Ooh, another one...

          Patner InMail:

          Any more?

          It's just like the old Facebook "find the privacy settings" game.

        2. Juan Inamillion


          Thanks for those mate, worked perfectly first time.

    2. Risky

      Settings hidden

      I found settings as a dropdown under my name at the top right.. I hadn't uploaded a profile photo and wuldn't have done so in any case.

  2. Martin Chandler

    Old News....

    I first learned of this last month from Greg Ferro...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      Linkedin? Oh - the spammer...

      My only wish is that Linkedin will STOP SPAMMING me with invitations supposedly from 'my colleagues.' I get dozens of them every few days... Looking as though they came from 'the colleague.' Sigh...

    2. jm83

      Re: Old News

      Well thats great that you learnt about it from Greg Ferro, but that doesnt necessarily mean everyone knows it.

    3. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

      @Martin Chandler

      It's entirely *your* fault that El Reg is publishing "old news" - you could have emailed the Social Networking Privacy Violation Desk the link when Greg published it, and then it would have been reported at the time, and those of us who don't subscribe to Greg's blog would have known about it in July.

  3. SuperTim


    Less than impressed, but somehow not surprised any more. One of the many reasons much of my information is vague and i have no profile pictures for them to bandy about willy-nilly.

  4. Number6

    Found it

    I have to admit I bumped into the new settings a few days ago. I didn't think much about it at the time, apart from automatically unticking all the permission boxes. I didn't think to check back through the stuff they send occasionally to see if it was actually announced, but I guess I wouldn't have found anything if I had.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    At least on linked in

    At least on linked in there's little chance of your "mates" tagging you in a drunken photo from a holiday you had 10 years ago!

    At least google plus lets you put work colleagues in a different vlan.

  6. Gulfie

    I've just turned off...

    "Manage Social Advertising" and "Enhanced advertising" on the Account tab. Then I discovered "Turn on/off data sharing with 3rd party applications" on the Groups, Companies & Applications tab - turned that off too.

    When will they learn...

    (and when will we learn to take more notice of changing T's & C's on these sites?)

    1. Sir Cosmo Bonsor

      "When will they learn"

      Problem is, they have learned. That's exactly what they've done. This stuff doesn't happen by accident, you see.

    2. Rob Dobs


      Very glad you posted the extra sections to check.

      Be careful with 3rd party apps though... if your smartphone or other accounts use/share this data this may be something you actually want on.

      I would advise turning it off, and something you like/need stops working turn it back on.

      3rd party app is different that 3rd party advertiser/company

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Don't leave, just complain

    There's a send feedback link in the footer - I'd imagine that if everyone sent a quick message along the lines of "stop it you bastards" and they were flooded, they might be persuaded to change their ways, else perhaps go the way of MySpace.

    I wonder how many people (apart from spammy recruitment agents) actually find LinkedIn useful. Until today I hadn't logged in for ages.

    1. Rob Dobs
      Thumb Up


      I just sent them 6-7 of these and strongly encourage everyone else to do so as well.

      I am also spending the next day or two and cutting and pasting ALL of my contacts data (photo, email, past work, recommendations etc) so that if they do keep this shit up I actually CAN follow through on threat to delete all data and never come back. LinkedIn is ONLY site like this I use because it was free, provided some material benefit (ease of use) and most importantly THEY DIDN'T DO THIS FACEBOOK SHIT.

      Copy your contacts out (good idea to have backup of these anyways in case they go evil or bust someday) and send them a nastygram and maybe it wont happen again. Make sure you express that a SINGLE repeat of this kind of action will result in your total ban of their service

  8. Mage Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    Two settings on

    Neither of these default on settings existed originally:


    * Manage Social Advertising

    * Turn on/off enhanced advertising

  9. Alan 6


    Just turned it off, along with "Enhanced Advertising".

    Took me a while to find the settings button though, in the end I just clicked the edit button on managed connections and dug down to the Privacy Settings from there.

  10. Tim #3
    Thumb Up

    thanks etc

    Thanks for the tip- have just changed my setting accordingly. While doing it I received the somewhat ironic info that IE "blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors" ... linkedin should get their own house in order.

  11. Richard Porter

    Tick unticked

    Thanks for the tip off.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another way to fix this

    Upload some goat porn as your profile pic.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Or a cleverly-disguised goatse

      like the BBC Olympics one.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    GoodBye LinkedIn

    I have no time for crap like this... Account deleted.

    If it had been opt-in, I would not have had a problem with it.

    1. david bates

      I fully expect...

      Linkedin to tbe the first victim of Plus...I've never got round to updating my profile, so Ill not miss it..

  14. NogginTheNog
    Thumb Up

    Cheers for the heads-up

    Gone in to my account now, had a THOROUGH trawl through all the settings, and turned OFF all the spammy/advertising/sharing data guff :-o

  15. Paul RND*1000

    Different audience

    If LinkedIn want to go all Facebook on us with respect to privacy, they could do well to remember that the average LinkedIn user is a great deal more likely to pay attention to and care about this sort of thing.

    It's not a population of bored teens who are perfectly OK with posting every intimate detail of what they do and where they go.

  16. Bango Skank

    now what about their silly group moderation?

    For some unfathomable reason LinkedIn have made it possible for the originator of a discussion or a moderator to not only delete individual posts and entire discussions, but to do so without any trace - no date-stamp, no imprint of who deleted it, or why.

    This breeds a toxic culture of censorship that if left in place will eventually kill the beast.

    Maybe it's because they are such young'uns and never saw the grand flamewars of Undernet and Efnet

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    looks like they've changed it again

    I just logged in to check my settings and got a iframe (almost as annoying as popups) asking if i wanted to allow my profile picture to be used in advertising.. Uncheck, save, exit,

  18. Tom Maddox Silver badge


    Amusingly, the Yahoo! version of this article is in the Top Headlines section on LinkedIn.

  19. Gil Grissum

    Sneaky Linked IN

    Thanks Mate. I never would've known if you hadn't pointed this out to all of us. I've since disabled that feature and will be watching LinkedIN as much as I do Facebook for any silent bait and switch tricks.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fake LinkedIn Account

    For the purposes of experimentation I set up a fake linkedin account with some obvious dubious details and fictional companies. Since then I've had several people, previously unkown to me, requesting I add them as contact. I've obliged them and added them in, though I'm still puzzled why they'd want to be connected to a "Rent Boy". Perhaps their friends will understand.

  21. boundlesslife
    Thumb Down

    Reactions to Linked-In

    My solution was to simply dump the account., because of the way it seemed to be "jerking me around", without knowing about all the things reported here. It wasn't an easy thing to do, because so many people I actually respected were 'linked-in', but when others began showing up that I hadn't consented to or actually didn't like, it was easy to get rid of and be glad of having done it. This is not an advocacy of boycotting, but rather an expression of preference for many other pathways such as Google+ that seem to make Linked-In look like a pathetic dead-end.

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