back to article Apple injunction startles Samsung

Samsung has responded to Apple's sudden legal request against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with surprise, claiming the injunction came out of the blue and the company never had a chance to present its side of the argument. A Samsung spokeswoman issued a statement that said the company was "disappointed" with the court's decision to put …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Nice. It's flat, with a touchscreen on one side, and a photo lens on the other. If it's a tablet, then it must be an Apple knock-off, since it was His Jobsness who invented the things.

    Moses was not available to comment.

    1. DZ-Jay

      You forgot

      You forgot to mention that Apple is exerting intellectual property rights on rounded corners. Go ahead, you know you want to.


    2. Mike 68

      Devil's advocate

      Android does look very much like iOS, and that's what really made the iPhone popular in the first place. It wasn't the first touchscreen smartphone, but it was the first you didn't need a stupid little stylus for. Android has completely nicked the whole look of it. If Google/Samsun had bothered designing some slightly different icons, they wouldn't be in this mess

      1. Ammaross Danan


        "If Google/Samsun had bothered designing some slightly different icons, they wouldn't be in this mess"

        Yes, because everyone knows a button should be a triangle, not a square with slightly rounded corners like the one I'm going to hit for "submit"... oh wait...

      2. PaulR79

        Android nicked the whole of it?

        I wasn't aware that notifications on iOS were accessed through a pull-down bar at the top or that they had widespread use of widgets on the home screens. What exactly did Google and / or Samsung steal from Apple? Using a touchscreen? Having icons to open programs? All have existed prior to the iPhone and iPad. Technically Apple stole copy and paste. Their implementation is quite good but improving on something you copied is still copying it if you're going to be this broad in your claims.

      3. Anonymous Coward

        @Mike 68

        Except Samsung uses their TouchWiz overlay on top of stock Android, so Google has nothing to do with the way Samsung's UI looks.

    3. T J

      Yes WHAT intellectual property?

      Yes WHAT exactly, are Apple referring to as 'their' 'intellectual property'?

      FFS, they weren't even the first touch screen developers, OR tablet developers.

      This is sour grapes because they left it 3 years too late before they brought out their phone, and now they are trying to play catchup.

      Apple can suck it down like the whiny maggots they are.

      1. Stuart Halliday
        Thumb Up

        Ask the judge?

        As I and most of us were not present at the various court hearings I guess it might just be possible that the judge got told things we will not be privilege to?

        As an Android user all this talk just makes me want to buy one. Odd that. :)

  2. hugh

    I'm really keen on getting one now.

    just because Steve says I can't.

    1. g e

      Me too

      And I don't even need one, not even sure I actually *want* one but it's kinda worth it just to post stevie boy a photo of one being used with an EU flag wallpaper on it.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Big kids!

    Lock both parties in a room until they behave like adults. Stop giving both parties free advertising while they behave like spoilt kids.

    "Mam, Apple stole my our ideas!"

    "Dad, Samsung stole that bit of our toys we invented!"

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Prior art

    My memory may be hazy, but didn't Star Trek TNG feature tablets that looked and operated like the iPad?

    Prior art? Unless Apple argue that it was set in the future?


    1. Snapper

      Memory fading

      Used a stylus, didn't it!

      Which is what Google and Microsoft would still have us using except that Apple showed them how to do it properly.

    2. Velv

      The Previous Generation?

      Star Trek TNG definitely had an older model. Their one didn't do any fancy orientation based rotation - watch them, they always turn the tablet like printed paper, keeping the bottom as the bottom etc.

  5. Naughtyhorse

    me too... 'cept

    Everyone I have ever seen holding one looks like a knob from some cheesy aspritational advert.

  6. Dazed and Confused

    Look alike?

    > "It's no coincidence that Samsung's latest products look a lot like the iPhone

    No they don't

    If you put them side by side, one of them looks modern and one of them looks just so last year.

    Stop whinging and make a better product if you want to persuade customers to buy yours.

    You're starting to sound like a spoilt 3 year old.

    1. rpd9803

      I'm calling shenanigans.

      The face of the galaxy tab looks damn identical – from the line of chrome trim, the border of the screen, everything looks like it's a kludgy iPad – The faux dock connector included (COME ON – Holy long url batman.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        No sh!t sherlock, that's because the face of the iPad is product that Apple buys from Samsung.

        You're probably one of the sheeple who thinks Apple actually makes things. They're nothing but a marketing firm.

  7. Justin Clements

    This could get expensive

    250k for every 10.1 sold, this could get real expensive real quick for Samsung.

    I would suggest they abide by the court order in short order.

    As for the "we didn't have a chance to defend ourselves", BS of the highest order.

  8. NoneSuch Silver badge


    If a shape can be patented I am going to patent the shape of a hand with the middle finger raised. I suspect if I charge people 5p per use I will make quite a killing just from people responding to the latest Apple press release.

  9. olliholli


    the iphone was far from the first touchscreen phone that didn't need a stylus. it was just the first popular one.

    it shook up the market in an incredible way, no question, but it also stood on the shoulders of previous phones like the LG viewty or prada - both of which were on sale the year before the first iphone.

    that style of packaging isn't an apple invention either - various premium phones began using boxes that were compact (to help retailers) and looked good in unboxing videos.

  10. icedfusion

    i really.....

    feckin hate apple. You can't patent software!

    Troll 'cos I frikken hate apple


    apples injunctions

    honestly apples filling patents all over first samsung now there also going for motorola claiming the xoom is copying the ipad. this is getten stupid no wonder il never touch apple or there products the way they treat other companys like this sueing companys left right and centre samsungs products are great devices and they are not copying anyone neither is motorola. this clearly is about apple and trying to be the dominent company that no other company should get a look in my future device will be android no doubt. apple sucks

    1. mark l 2 Silver badge

      Apple v Motorola

      If i were Apple i wouldn't poke Motorola too hard, they have been in the telecoms industry a LOT longer than Apple have and i expect hold a lot of patents that the iphone could be infringing on.

      But the whole look and feel argument is a bit stupid no one is going to think that the Samsung tablet is an iPad., its all about Apple wanting to keep their large market share.

      1. The Real Dave
        Paris Hilton

        Too late

        Why oh why oh why don't Apple's legal team take note of comments on here:

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Better Troll education needed...

      With no capitalization, incorrect word use (there instead of they're or 'they are') and spelling ('getten'), it looks like an uneducated ten year old wrote the letter. This post might be taken more seriously if it showed the author actually cared about their use of the language.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Correct response to this is

    Samsung should probably answer something like this: "We're sorry, Your Steveness, we won't be able to supply you with any product containing LCD tech, or semiconducting materials, and we've warned the other fabs about how you treat your suppliers as well".

    Then do their utmost to make sure any person handing money in via iTMS and AppStore, gets no-fly-listed for funding terrorism.

    1. Ivan Headache

      And Samsung still gets it in the neck

      as they would then be in breach of contract. (and possibly blackmail if they followed your suggestion to the letter).

    2. Neill Mitchell


      I expect some sort of legal contract may be preventing this no? Companies do tend to exchange contracts for provision of goods and services...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Samsung's innovative mobile communications devices"

    Innovative? Where?

    Samsung may make good/great/crap products (you choose) - but the *very last* thing I would call them is innovative!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Given that they "invented" most of the tech in the iPad, if the i{ad was innovative, then the innovation belongs to Samsung.

  14. rbryanh

    Quack Quack Quack

    If it looks like an iPad and it quacks like an iPad…

    Oh, who the hell cares about the intellectual property rights of corporate bodies which undermine and destroy democracies by buying and selling "elected" representatives? Whatever they produce, I'm going to follow their example and steal - not buy - it in order to obtain what's good for me without regard for their welfare.

    1. Rob Crawford

      Funny though

      the iPad looks like a lot of failed tablets from other mfgrs.

      Rectangular with chrome trim, that sounds like a very old nokia phone I once had

  15. rogerpjr

    JOB's MOB.. EVERYONE please watch THIS. 'NUFF SAID!!

  16. Roquen

    Unfortunate trend - crippling competition

    All may not agree - but from my personal point of view, these kind of actions cripples the balance of competition. Regardless of the companies involved, how can such patent be registered in the first place?

    By being able to pattern-patent such general shape, it really takes away the incitement for any other producer to make their own version of that general idea. (Not talking exact technical or detailed designs in hardware/software).

    The television manufacturers have managed this for several decades without patent lawsuits. It is the final details and how the content works for the consumer that makes it competitive.

    How would that have been possible if ONE TV-manufacturer could pattern-patent the shape of a modern TV? i.e. square image generator with possible frame, connectors on back/side and possibility to place it on a foot or hang on wall.

    My personal ruling... revoke the generic patent in this case and let the consumers decide what details and content they prefer in a "handheld computer". :)

  17. Nigel 11

    I'm adding Apple to my personal don't-buy list

    Ok, Apple. That's it. You've now joined Sony on my personal list of tech companies whose products I will boycott on principle.

    Anyone care to join me?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Join you?

      Been here ages. Welcome. Pull up a chair.

  18. Anonymous Coward


    "Apples's innovative mobile communications devices"

    Innovative? Where?

    Apple may make good/great/crap products (you choose) - but the *very last* thing I would call them is innovative

  19. BitDr

    I have a solution!

    Come up with a (simple) mechanism for loading the O/S on the device post-sale. This will allow the sale of blank tablets, just the hardware. Now if the fruity computer company can lay claim to the touch screen and computer as an integrated device with no prior art (Tomorrow People TV show from the '70s) then by God we are in a whole pile of trouble.

    Really though this kind greed must be stopped, an artist can not patent the use of clay and sue all others for infringing his IP.

    Mines the one with common sense in the pockets.

  20. Afflicted.John


    I want choice. #FreeTheGalaxyTab

    If someone goes into Currys or Dixons and the Galaxy Tab is not available, they are going to be most impressed by the iPad. You cannot get a Transformer there and I doubt the Xoom is sexy enough. That equates to Apple forcing their main competitor out of the European market.

    Good to see Dixons is sticking to it's guns.

  21. Peter 48

    I smells a bribe

    looks like apple have also tried the same with motorola and the xoom. And I wouldn't be surprised if they tried the same with every other tablet manufacturer out there. Thanks to such a dodgy EU law all they need is a small regional judge in germany that is easily "influenced" to knock out bogus injunctions and hey-presto sales are crippled for your competition. Is that how low Apple have sunk? they really are making Microsoft look like saints.

  22. Schultz


    Let's just call a timeout. Everybody stop selling new products for a few years until the IP issue is properly sorted out.

    Nokia shows you the way, boys.

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