back to article Hauppauge Colossus HD PCIe card

When I first looked at the box containing the Hauppauge Colossus I wasn’t quite sure as to what its exact purpose was. I saw the words “HD Video Recorder,” “PCI-Express,” and “HDMI” thinking I could use it to record almost anything and then I noticed the asterisks. Hauppauge Colossus Hauppauge's Colossus: break out the old …


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  1. Mage Silver badge

    No HDMI or DVI out?

    Are they serious?

    Has the reviewer made a mistake? Is there not even DVI out for DVI to HDMI (which is just a connector and does support HDCP)

    Component out only is use really just for obsolete or US HDTVs.

    1. Annihilator

      re: No HDMI or DVI out?

      "Has the reviewer made a mistake? Is there not even DVI out for DVI to HDMI (which is just a connector and does support HDCP)"

      You know it's not a graphics card, right? The only thing it can output (on component) is whatever it's being fed from the input - nothing from the PC. Not great not having an HDMI passthru, but not life threatening for what it's intended.

  2. Aaron Em


    Invariably overpriced and under-featured; I got my first of their products back in 2000 (WinTV PCI) and had exactly that experience, and it's been the same with them ever since.

    1. jolly


      Yeh I bought one of those. That was my first (and last) Hauppage purchase. The software was clunky (even for its time) and it was a real git to get working. I seem to remember software updates were few and far between, and soon after I bought it Hauppage quickly moved on to their next TV card (and that was, it seemed, the end of support for the WinTV PCI). I vowed never again, and I think having seen the screenshots for this card (not particularly slick IMO) I'll stick to my vow.

      Now when I consider buying either a capture or TV receiver card I try to wait at least 6 months from launch date to work out whether it's worth the outlay (i.e., by checking the forums to see just how many issues a card has and whether the manufacturer is actually doing anything to fix them). There are just too many factors that can result in problems (drivers, hardware compatibility with motherboards / BIOS, etc) and being an early adopter in this area just isn't worth the grief IMO.

      1. JEDIDIAH

        ...missing the point.

        This is not supposed to be a single box solution.

        > The software was clunky

        This is something that you use together with suitable 3rd party software just like you would any other video device or card. Whining that this thing doesn't come with it's own software is much like whining that a GPU doesn't come with it's own games.

        The software that comes with this thing is really just to let you make sure the card is working before you try and integrate it with something else.

  3. Blake Davis

    What is this again?

    Does this do any sort of encoding or is it just a card with a bunch of cables hanging off the side?

    The stats list AVCHD recording format. What kind of files does it make?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      For AVCHD... *should* be m2ts (like 00001.m2ts) transport stream files (as found on Blu-ray disc...)


    Get a better reviewer.

    This is a device for building your own PVR using software like Sage, or MCE, or MythTV.

    It seems to be pretty much a card version of the Hauppage 1212 which has been very handy for HD cable recording on this side of the pond. Due to practical limitations, it needs to exploit the "analog hole".

    Anything that works with an HDMI input is going to be an entirely different kettle of fish.

    HDMI has the tandem problems of being encrypted and uncompressed. You would probably not want the raw output from HDMI. Although there are such cards target to the video professional.

    3rd party software will do most of the interesting stuff. What you get with the card is just enough to make sure it's working.

    So an article of this kind should include how the card works with some bit of PVR software of the reviewer's choosing. MCE would be an obvious choice. I favor MythTV of course.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    can it be used to share your screen with the console?

    I know that it is a strange question, but if you wanted to use your PC screen to play with your console, can this device play back the images live and without delay? And at what resolution?

    I ask for the above since I used to use this method few years back. Connect the PS3 to my notebook via a video-in card, and play at a low resolution using my notebook's screen... finished few games this way. Now I do have my separate HDTV..... but I am sure there is some poor soul out there who might be interested in answer to this question!

    1. DRendar

      Sledgehammers and nuts.

      Surely you'd be better simply connecting your console to a second input on the screen, or if it doesn't have one, using a £10 HDMI / DVI switch.

      Or were you referring to playing your console in a window on your desktop, which I would have thought would be an awful experience.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is there any discernible Lag?

    I remember as a poor student, using a WinTV USB on the old laptop to get analogue TV broadcasts, but finding that hooking the old Dreamcast up it had a bit too much lag to play "real time".

    Those few hundred milliseconds in the likes of Sega Rally were the difference between getting to the "Riverside" stage and crashing out in the "Snow" stage.

    (Still, it was good practice for the Sega Rally 2 machine in the students union after several pints of subsidised lager)

  7. Sarah Davis

    aren't there laws about false advertising ?

    I've had a few Haupage cards in the past. None were as good as the adverts claimed. The adverts were correct, but the clever wording always lead you to believe their cards were more capable than they actually were. Their support was non-existent. Luckily I was able to sell the cards on for the price I paid for them.

    So here we have an over priced card with misleading claims - sounds like Haupage

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