back to article Nokia's software exits the US market

Nokia is to give up on its feature and low-end business in America, making the company a Windows Phone manufacturer as it makes one last pitch to become relevant in the USA. The news came during an interview with the President of Nokia's US operation, Chris Weber, who was talking to AllThingsD. Explaining how the company was …


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  1. Jess

    It's Windows Phone or bust

    Bust I suspect.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nokia is to give up on its business in America . . .

    good job you reported this, or no one wouldda noticed

  3. Matt Bucknall



  4. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Dads Army quote time

    Wer'e Doomed I tell Ye, doomed. {Pte Fraser}

    Don't Panic {Cpl Jones}

    That last one is far too late. They are in headless Chicken mode now.

  5. Bilgepipe

    Windows Phone

    I wonder how much Windows Phone's success will be linked to Nokia's? If Nokia fails in the US (or elsewhere), is there enough support from other manufacturers to make WP7 viable? Will Microsoft just buy Nokia to prop WP up?

  6. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    But if they succedded

    They could become the Dell of the cell phone world ;-)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Inaccurate title

    Since Nokia are giving up on Symbian and Maemo/Meego, basically all their inhouse stuff, in favour of Microsoft crap, you might be better off saying Nokias software exits the World market.

    Bye bye Nokia, you advanced things in so many ways but on the way became a clueless sprawling mess thats finally sold it's soul. Hopefully your putrid corpse will let the door hit Elop on the arse on his way back to his golden parachute in MS before you collapse finally, but I doubt I'll even see that slight effort at redemption.

  8. DrXym

    Nokia should merge

    Merge with Motorola. Nokia is dead in the US, Motorola is dead in Europe. If they merge together they can be dead everywhere.

    1. HipposRule
      Thumb Down

      having said which...

      ... Motorola do a hell of a lot more than phones. Nokia don't.

  9. Hypnotist


    Interesting article, but, did there have to, be, so many, commas?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's Windows Phone or bust

    Correction needed to tagline: Should read:

    It's Windows Phone AND bust.

    Microsoft is well ahead of schedule in their plans to scupper Nokia and use their patents as litigation tools. Easier than competing with pesky products.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Nokia in the US

    "Like many European stars Nokia has always coveted US success, and tried all sorts of things including opening offices in Silicon Valley and promotions based on an alternative reality (perhaps one where Nokia sells phones to Americans)."

    Nokia was successful in the US - where's Orlowski to put you right? - and their stuff occupied the desirable high-end there once upon a time. Not that Windows Phone is going to bring back the glory days, though.

  12. hewbass

    So who should I buy a mobile phone from?

    Right now the choices seem to be between being borged by: Apple, Google or Microsoft -- and I don't like any of those options.

    Is WebOS a viable alternative?

    Or will there be a sudden rush of Chinese/Taiwanese manufacturers producing Meego devices?

    (actually I am hoping for a startup created by all the Nokia veterans who want to replicate and build on the pedigree of the N9. But I won't hold my breath, in order to avoid dying whilst waiting for the impossible).

    1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

      Likely it's back to minimal phones for me

      Agreed - none of the alternatives look at all attractive. When my current Nokia Symbian phone dies, I'll likely go back to a minimal model. I haven't liked an Apple product since the Apple ][; WInPhone's user experience is abysmal; and I won't help fund RIM's lawsuit machine. That only leaves Android, and I'm not a fan of the Cult of Google. (Plus I loathe touchscreens.)

      So I'm thinking it'll be a basic phone for me. Texting will be a pain without a qwerty keyboard, but this still looks like the best choice, in my book.

      Not that anyone cares, of course.

  13. Tom Maddox Silver badge
    Thumb Up


    "The reality is . . . it doesn’t matter what we do."

  14. Wang N Staines

    Nokia will be competing against

    those Asian win7 phone manufacturers... Hmmm.

  15. George 24

    Is it genius or madness?

    Then difference between genius and madness is success. Is it possible that M$Okia are seeing something that is missing? A mobile OS that integrates with corporate systems running on good quality devices? After all that is how blackberry made a squillion back in the old days when emails to mobile was the ultimate integration.

  16. MJI Silver badge


    They are trying to kill their business

    They excite people then say "You can't have it!"

    Odd on my next phone will be running Android rather than Symbian

  17. jagra

    If they put all eggs into Windows basket... I'm very sad to hear this, but if they have put all their hopes into the Windows basket, they are quite likely to lose everything.

    I was hoping and wishing for Meego and the N9 to be a success and come to the UK, but if they think Windows Phone 7 is going to pull them out of the **** they've got another thing to learn.

    I luv my Craptastic N97 and its features, but the UI an speed let it down. My work Desire is nicer to use and I would never use iOS and haven't tried but am loath to use WP7, I hated the WP6 etc and the backend on WP7 is apparently the same which is where the problems were.

    I was hoping to upgrade my N97 to the N9 but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen and I'm sorry Nokia I am not going to use the N9 WP7. I will hold out with my N97 until absolutely necessary, but then if Nokia goes tits up, it'll have to be another Android.

  18. Rex Alfie Lee

    The new CEO - Dumb, getting dumber...

    Idiot, this was always going to fail & everyone knew it perhaps except the new CEO. What did he expect when he gave up the next really potential alternative Linux OS. They had a ready made market of techos & if you look at the car market & computer market, everything tech-up is the next best thing. Windows was always a step in the wrong direction. The guy's a fool...

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