back to article Microsoft gives BPOS customers credit note for latest crash

Microsoft UK has vowed to provide BPOS customers with vouchers against future credits following seven hours of downtime at the weekend. This is the latest in a series of embarrassing cloud outages for Redmond after a summer of interruptions began in May, but differs from other incidents in that an "Act of God" was responsible …


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  1. Yag

    From "financially backed"...

    ... to "lightningally baked"

  2. Anonymous Coward


    So lack of proper datacentre design is an act of God now is it?

    It's completely obvious that Microsoft have no clue when it comes to behaving in a Datacentre - not just their products but their "service" offerings to.

    Diverse power is a must for a business-critical system and they can't even get a basic thing like that right.

  3. Arctic fox

    Can somebody help me here?

    "The SLA does not apply when the service is hit by availability issues arising from "factors outside of our control" – one of the criteria."

    Unless I have misunderstood the article this was (I quote) an "act of God" situation which got to be a factor outside of the control of Redmond. They have all the same paid compensation, haven't they? Or have I really misunderstood this report?

  4. Richard Rae

    I like the wording....

    On 'a' monthly invoice..... not saying which one....

  5. Josco

    Do I have to put a title?

    We use BPOS now having ditched our perfectly good Exchange servers. Not a good swap....

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Same here.... and already looking at ways to move this back in-house without the head bashing against wall pain of running Exchange. Suddenly those penguins look quite attractive.

  7. Steve Knox

    SO Glad we didn't go with this....

    "Our financially backed 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee means a steady stream of power is pumped directly into your business at all times..."

    That sounds like it would hurt...

  8. Phil_Evans

    Chocolate teapot

    @Anonymous Coward - proper data center. MSFT claim in press and promotion material that the Dublin Data Center is a N+1 redundant *facility*, meaning an act of god is not a plausible explanation. In those terms, service should continue without the need for that data-center through co-lo or other redundant means.

    Your comments on 'short trousers' data denter management are right on - I worked for the company for a few years and I can confirm to you that they have no concept of enterprise-grade computing and facilities management. When you think that major banks fail data centers over to each other as BAU, Microsoft are a country mile from providing even basic availability in DR situations.

    My opinion? If you want high street service ~no thanks~ then use a high street mentality provider. If you want bespoke, reliable service, hire someone who knows what they are talking about.


  9. Pat 4

    25%?... yeah sure...

    They said that last time there was a disruption for over a week and an all out outage for 3 days.

    We received a credit for 3 days of that month's invoice and nothing else.

    This time around, it'll probably be 25% credit on the 2 days of the months the service was out...


    Microsoft likes to play on words.


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