back to article Sony distribution centre engulfed by fire

Sony Corp's compact discs and DVDs warehouse in Enfield, north London, was on fire throughout the night. The Japanese electronics giant may have been caught up in the riots that sporadically swept across London on a third consecutive night of trouble in the capital. However, the firm is yet to determine the cause of the blaze …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Another spin off from the activities of Anon? Enough said.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Probably someone else up for a bout of "Extreme shopping"

    2. asdf

      not even

      This is just another lovely gift from the the poor trash chav class England has been building for so long.

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  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This is turning out to be an expensive year for Sony.

    1. Thomas 4

      Sony may be assholes...

      ...but even they don't deserve to have their shops and factories pillaged like this. And this is coming from someone with a whole list of reasons to dislike them.

      1. Mark 65


        I also doubt the chav scum that torched the building even considered whether the rebuild will occur somewhere else and, as such, yet another opportunity for their worthless arses to be employed will have been removed from their community. Having said that, after seeing one of these street monkeys talking on TV I doubt anyone would employ them - shoveling shit would be beyond their intellect.

    2. Charles Manning


      It's you, me and everybody else paying.

      The only people not paying are the looter scum.

      Unfortunately since the police have had their teeth removed there is really no effective way to sort out a mob like this.

  4. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    Business Continuity Plan ?

    "there will likely be some impact on deliveries". The warehouse is Sony's sole content products depot in the UK.

    Disaster recovery plans/Business continuity plans shouldn't be confined to just core IT systems...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      ...are you willing to pay for it?

      Warehousing, transport and so on is very expensive.

      Do find it odd that a major warehouse is in London though, shift it a few miles away and save a fortune in costs.

      Chances are this is stuff waiting to be shipped onwards so the likes of Amazon, HMV will still have large stock piles and the CD pressing plants will go into overdrive.

      1. Anonymous Coward
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        You will find...

        It's in Enfield near the M25, not London. Space around there is already dirt cheap because no-one wants to live near the M25.

  5. David Neil

    They'll be fine

    Just download off the PirateBay and get Knock off Nigel to burn some copies.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      You said BURN some copies!

      1. Stoneshop

        Did these guys know something?

  6. Scott Mckenzie


    "Came out with loads of Sony stuff like Wii consoles"


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      well that was the eyewitness report on LBC radio at 2am

      one caller to LBC had gone down to his premises opposite the sony warehouse to take a quick backup of their essential business continuity data in genuine fear that both of his warehouses might be torched. the data engineer phoned LBC to say what was happening at sony, he called it a 10 acre dvd distribution building, he saw a small gang enter 'run away with armfuls of wii type stuff' then it was torched.

      i suppose at night, in a riot, with the police watching from a distance contemplating cuts, a boxed PSP Vita might resemble a Wii 3, as thugs run past at high speed. The same caller mentioned that if the similarly massive sainsbury's warehouse in the same complex near the M25 was torched (as he had heard) then London would go hungry this week... I still haven't heard if this happened?

      LBC devoted around 12 hours of detailed on-the-spot eyewitness reports overnight, fascinating and dreadful to hear. COBRA switch off the CRACKBERRY encryption for the next few nights maybe?

  7. MGJ

    Not just Sony product

    The warehouse is the main stockpile of UK indie distributors, and they may not be insured if it was down to rioting. Those doing are probably sodcasters; grime continues its evil march.

    1. Ross K Silver badge

      Sucks to be them

      They should have embraced the medium of downloads sooner, and in a bigger way.

      I find it hard to muster any sympathy for the music biz. Sorry.

      And being uninsured due to rioting? So basically they're in the same boat as every other Londoner who's had their car/home/business torched?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        "as every other Londoner who's had their car/home/business torched?"

        WHAT !??

      2. Dave Bell


        There's quite a few things which an insurance company doesn't cover, nuclear bombs for one. It doesn't mean there's no compensation, since the compensation may be paid by the Government.

        In the case of Riot, the Insurance company, if they pay out, can claim compensation from the Police. There was talk of replacing the Riot (Damages) Act, a few years ago, but that Act still seems to be in force. And, if you're not insured, you can make a claim yourself.

        One obvious example: a lot of vehicles are insured third-party only, and so if they were damaged or destroyed there would be no insurance cover. But the owner could put in a claim to the Police Authority. If they had insurance cover that did apply, they would get a payment from the Insurance Company, who could then claim from the Police Authority.

        It surprised me. But all those IRA bombs: the Government paid compensation.

  8. Ross K Silver badge

    No Great Loss

    It's very telling that a mob would burn down a warehouse full of X-Factor contestant albums, rather than steal them to re-sell on ebay or dahn the maaaahket.

    'Cos let's face it - that's all Sony sells these days

    1. Yag


      I'ld say the arson was performed AFTER the looting...

      It brings me back to the good ol' days of the golden horde...

      1. Charles Manning


        Loot what you can fit in whatever transport you have, then burn the rest to prevent other looters taking more goods to flood the market.

        Them chavs got business sense too you know!

    2. Nat Pryce

      Not just Sony

      That warehouse was used by one of the largest independent record distributors. A lot of small independent labels lost their stock in that fire and probably are now bankrupt.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        But that's not news.

        As Microsoft didn't tell the idiots it was fashionable to hate anyone else other than Sony...

        1. dogged

          oh look

          it's "SteveBalmer". Hi "Steve".

  9. Ale

    Massive bang

    I live just over five miles away from there, yet I heard the explosions at midnight as it went up and could see flames and smoke on the horizon.

    I hope no one was hurt.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      No, I hope the people who torched it got hurt.

      Posting anon as I'm sure someone who has aquired several large TV's will disagree.

    2. The Fuzzy Wotnot

      Nail 'em up, I say!!!

      There is a large Sainsburys depot there too and a big estate of 3/4 bed houses, quite a few people live around that stretch next to Epping forest. Lots of innocent people could have their houses torched by accident. I don't like SONY much but that's just bang out of order. Busting into a depot, clocking the security staff and torching the place. I hope they have the CCTV footage and catch bastards.

      When they catch the buggers involved all these riots, get 'em on chain gangs and have them digging ditches or digging over OAP's gardens and allotments. Come Springtime when the cases finally get to court, the drains will need clearing of the Winter debris too!!

  10. yeahyeahno

    SONY not watching TV?

    I listened to first hand witness account on the BBC News last night, around 15 youths broke into the centre, and upon leaving torched the place and assaulted the witness by punching him in the face before the thieves/arsonists ran off.

  11. Anonymous Coward


    Londoners: Showing Arabs how its done since 1800's !

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Clean up operation?

    Screw that - make the f*ing perp do it! Then make them rebuild / redecorate the the buildings afterwards!

    Bunch of thieving....

    As a side note: no insurance cover during a riot? Is this another classic example of an insurance company 'tefloning' off any reason to payout?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Insurance policies...

      ... generally have a clause for civil unrest. You have a choice in choosing civil unrest cover when it is optional.

      Martin Lewis of fame went through several current home insurance products last night and found the clause to be present.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: insurance policies

        ..makes you wonder who the true thieves are...the ones nicking the tellies, or the ones taking your insurance money - who you have a snowballs chance in hell of getting a payout from (and a proper one at that) when you actually need it.

  13. Frostbite


    Nothing to do with Sony but how about releasing MW3 early, then there will be no chavs left on the street, they will be busy online for a few weeks in front of their ChavBox360's.

  14. Lone Gunman

    Still burning

    Just seen some photos and its still pouring out thick black smoke.

    @AC 09.29 "Do find it odd that a major warehouse is in London though, shift it a few miles away and save a fortune in costs."

    Enfield is a few miles away from London proper as you can see the warehouse in question from the M25.

    @AC 09.30 - Sainsbury's depot hasn't been hit probably as its on a different site with several fields and a river between them. The depot is much bigger than the Sony warehouse too as the building itself is just over half a mile long.

    1. Is it me?


      Supermarket distribution centres tend to be in use 24/7 with large staffs, so 15 hoodies turning up might be in for a surprise when faced by a bunch of naffed off HGV drivers. (Truckers to our North American readers).

  15. Anonymous Coward
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    Ha, yeah, all very funny etc...

    ...but seriously, I'd like to think nobody within this forum would actually walk into a building and set fire to it for no real reason whatsoever. This is hardly a breakdown of society as we know it or if it is it'd have to crumble significantly more than this for me to even contemplate breaching such social norms, but then again maybe I wouldn't last very long in the 'new world' and I'll quickly die regretting not grabbing some Sony stock whilst I had the chance...

    And what's with the violence spreading to other cities? Come on! People should get a grip of their senses and sensibilities (God I hate that film) maybe I'm giving the criminals too much credit but surely it shouldn't be that easy to slip into such base behaviour, in fact, base? No, base would be looting/gathering food and water in an appropriate situation. I guess this is simple crime and criminality.


  16. TeeCee Gold badge

    Can't help thinking.....

    ....this is all down to some enterprising sods spotting the money-spinning potential of the cunning criminal technique pioneered in Oslo recently.

    Cause mayhem at point A and nefariously fill your boots at point B while the cops are off mob-handed elsewhere. In this case, a bit of rabble-rousing in TwitFaceBerry land substitutes for a couple of tonnes of Polish fertiliser in a VW Golf and the aim of the whole exercise is discount shopping rather than mass murder.

    Now if I've thought of that I suspect the Police will, so those seen looting away from the main event could be answering some very difficult questions in the not too distant future.....

    1. Anonymous Coward

      What if the worse is yet to come?

      Get most of the police force attending the riot sites (like today's promised 16,000-strong police force) and then do the real strike elsewhere?

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Insurance limitations

    Not sure about business insurance but I know my home insurance includes a clause that states they are not liable in cases of war or civil unrest and think rioting is mentioned in there.

    1. Alan 6

      Same for business

      When I managed a shop our stock & buildings were not covered for Civil Unrest, as I found out when our very large & costly front window was smashed during a football riot.

      As the police had declared it a riot the insurance company refused to pay for the new window...

      1. Is it me?

        Riot Damages Act 1886

        Think this is still in force, and allows you to claim for riot damage, which might be why it's excluded from insurance policies.

        I also suspect very few people know about it.

        1. mike2R
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          Re: Riot Damages Act 1886

          Interesting, certainly seems to still be on the books.

          Might be something that those who have just seen their livelihood go up in smoke should here about.

    2. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

      So... what point does a bunch of thugs breaking into a warehouse, stealing stuff and torching it become a riot, or civil unrest?

      When there's two of them? Five? Ten? When there's something else on fire nearby? When Someone else is doing the same somewhere else in the city/country? When the police turn up to try and stop them?

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In the meantime...

    Anyone want to be brand manager for Blackberry?

    It's been years since they got this much press attention, sadly now it's all along the lines of 'the mob's favourite phone.'

  19. Winkypop Silver badge
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    It's just hair-brained thuggery


  20. Paul_Murphy

    Boiling kettle.

    So many of the young today are looking at a future where they can get no proper education, no jobs, no real prospects. They are also told they will be paying for the baby-boomers pensions.

    House prices are going so far past their means that is not worth even trying, council housing is practically non-existant and renting from a housing co-operative is the only way that they can move out of the family home.

    The easy route, indeed maybe the only route easily open to them can always be to deal in drugs and other criminal activities since, aside from becoming a top professional footballer, they know they will not be able to afford the lifestyle they aspire to (or rather that the advertising machine wants them to aspire to) so what have they got to lose?

    The looting is, I'm sure, a side-effect of the rioting which is born of frustration and anger.

    The rioting is not a failure of the police, it's a failure of society and is composed of many different facets.

    I believe that education is the key - give everyone a proper and decent education, so that people are aware of where they came from and the mistakes of the past, so that they can see the real world around them and not the 'perfect world' imaginings of the marketing 'bots, so that they feel that they can understand the world around them and you will have people who are capable of controlling their own futures.

    Maybe politicians are scared of this and their policies are now coming to bear the fruit of the lat couple of decades of mis-management and short-term policies.

    There is no single answer to this, but if I were to start anywhere it would be with education. I would then change the human rights act to reflect back to people their responsibilities to others, and not focus on an individuals rights alone.

    I suspect it will take sometime to work it's way out, people will no doubt be losing their lives, home and businesses - all totally needlessly.


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      They all had access to a pretty reasonable education.

      If they chose to be 'too cool 4 skool' and eschew the opportunity provided and paid for by us taxpayers, more fool them.

      There is simply a culture in some communities of doing as little worjk as possible and expecting everybody else to pay for their lazy lives.

      This rioting is no principled stand, it's simply about getting something for nothing - a microcosm of how they live their entire lives.

    2. Juillen 1

      You can lead a horse to water..

      But you can't make it drink.. Or for that matter, learn..

      There's a vast swathe now that know they don't have to work, because all their mates are on the dole, and doing ok.. There's no incentive to better themselves, because they'll always be supported, and nobody is allowed to tell them what to do because "It's a free country" and they have their "Uman Rightz".

      They have an education that many countries would envy, and yet they choose not to take advantage of it because it's uncool and difficult.

      My mum used to work in a local school.. And there was a creep in there of kids choosing more and more not to work, and be disruptive.. Career choices became more "Well, there's the dole, innit?", drug dealer (a lot of them knew the game quite well by that stage, and made a hellish amount of money; turning up in the latest bling), the gals were convinced there was always prostitution, and they'd be happy selling themselves because they thought it'd be fun to be laid and paid for it "And there's always 'Pretty Woman'..".

      Life got increasingly hard for the ones that wanted to work in that environment due to bullying.. And the bullies were the ones that got all the attention (because you couldn't tell them off, you had to bribe them). Tell them off, and they try and get you for abusive behaviour and lodge complaints. It became a badge of cool to cause the most disruption and have no comeback.

      And people are surprised that this just spirals into later life?

      We've sown the seeds of this (as a society) with good intentions. We're now paying the price..

    3. Anonymous Coward


      I agree with much of your sentiment here, but there is a flaw; giving them an education does not automagically create them a suitable job at the end of it.

      There *are* jobs available - but they're just not worth doing, especially when it's financially borderline compared to benefits. And with higher education comes higher expectations, so naturally street cleaning (and cleaning jobs in general) are 'beneath' them.

      And further - as the current crop of grads are finding out - industry is playing it safe and lean; only experienced hands are wanted who can make a direct contribution to the business from day 1; grad or apprentice schemes are rarer than hens teeth.

      I like your idea on changing the Human rights act though. Good spot.

      There also needs to be some sort of disincentive to crime; sentences are too lenient and don't convey a sense of justice to the wrong parties. And often a 1st offence is a let off with a warning or a paultry, and un-enforced community service.

      1. Paul_Murphy


        >I like your idea on changing the Human rights act though. Good spot.

        No-one can cover it all - and since everything is connected there is no single answer, so where to start?

        People are right when they comment about generations of people whose highest expectation is the dole - how do you get out from that? I don't know, maybe to give some extra benefits (not the dole!) to people who can prove they have certain skills? exams are not a test at the moment since the whole education system has been dumbed down,

        In Starship Troopers Robert Heinlein had the notion of earning citizenship through various means, which then granted you certain rights (having babies was one) though are we as a society prepared for that sort of regime?

        Maybe in an over populated world we can't afford not to? How long before we have life-crystals in our hands?

        You are right about expectations - if you have a degree are you wanting to wipe old peoples bottoms for a career? of course not. I would argue that a good education is not just about qualifications and expectations, but about your outlook on life - would we be willing to go looting give the 'right' circumstances? and if not then why not? what makes one person sit at home and another take to the streets?

        I would say education - others may say other things, who knows who is (more) right :-)


    4. keithpeter Silver badge

      Scarcity value

      Qualifications are valuable when they are scarce, specific skills can command a premium but guessing which skillset will be in demand in three years is hard, let alone 10 or 12. Education is basically a 'positional good'

      Something needs to happen longer term after the Outrage and Firm Action bit is done with and the tabloids have found something else. A society with less inequality is the answer by the look of it but how to get there?

      Just some thoughts as I followed the trail of JD Sports hangars out from Birmingham city centre a few hours ago. All the size tags were M and S.

    5. MarkieMark1

      the failure of the police is a contributing factor

      @Paul - Basically, as you say, driving young people into criminality is a myopic direction for society, that our Thatcherite/Blairite overlords encouraged for years, including such demagogic moves as right-to-own then limiting new housing stock => driving house prices up so property owners could consume more german cars; ignoring the relative poverty that they were driving the non-elect into;

      However the rôle of the police is less than an innocent one, as they've consistently lobbied for an accretion of the kind of unjust procedural laws that bolster unjust substantive laws; while in some areas actual attitude – the kind of stuff that Joe Public notices, is Old Bill an arrogant bully? Is Plod going to try to lift a finger to catch the criminals? etc – has improved, there's definitely room for further improvement

      In a sense riots are a kind of poetic justice, noticeably given their spontaneity, they are a sign of widespread resentment, even though the 'gottagetateevee' attitude looks kind of contemptible at an individual level, it's the collective level that teaches us some lessons.

      1. Paul_Murphy

        That is certainly one angle.

        Another is the constant exporting of jobs to other countries, thus depriving our citizens the ability to get a job,

        Another is the wasteful purchases by government, MoD etc. thus depriving other parts of society with needed capital.

        Another is the short-term approach taken by the like of the banks and investment houses, who are all too keen on taking over a company and raping it's reputation, stock and assets for a quick profit.

        Another is the approach that successive governments have taken to increase our 'security' by adopting ever more intrusive measures, assuming that people are guilty unless they are proven innocent.

        Another is the overwhelming amount of American TV shows on our screens that are degrading our national identity and somehow giving people the impression that we should be just like the yanks.

        (and don't get me started on 'reality TV')

        Anyone else wanting to add anything?

        This is fun - nice sunny, peaceful day at home and a multi-threaded debate.


        1. ian 22

          Yet another angle

          Clearly we must give ourselves a collective caneing for this! The poor chavs must be shattered over all the destruction.

        2. MarkieMark1

          Human Rights Act

          As you say, there are many factors leading to the very real grievances that are somewhat banally evidenced in the looting of consumer goods;

          As I see it the trouble is that it's easier to say 'change the Human Rights Act' than to provide a working alternative; even though as all laws are, it's a lottery who gets sometimes laughably kid-glove treatment, the principle is to delimit rigour from oppression, we definitely need some kind of definition of oppression in our law;

          bringing us neatly back to the question of education, possibly we should emphasize civics classes so people – from all sides – understand the importance of some classical values such as honesty, integrity, responsibility, firmness, mercy, etc

          1. Paul_Murphy

            Yep - good angle.

            I guess that's another part of history - looking at the alternatives and why we have the benefits we do.

            The NHS, benefits system and public education didn't come about by accident after all, even if current generations assume they have been around for ever, it wasn't that long ago that we in the UK had a totally different social order, and being unemployable meant a slow and hungry death unless people decided that you were a charitable case and took pity on you.

            A return to Dickensian Britain? I don't think so - but people being aware of what came before can't hurt can it?


            1. Anonymous Coward
              Anonymous Coward


              But that would involve REAL education! Not 'training people for jobs that aren't there'. Might even mean more would grow up with values that would make 'acquiring new consumer goods' seem less urgent. It would also mean they could turn their hand to whatever we HADN'T realised we would need in the future.

              (Assuming HR departments became less addicted to thinking in stereotypes!)

  21. vegister

    so sad.

  22. Anonymous Coward


    "We cannot determine the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage yet because it's not possible to enter the building"

    I've done it for them, without needing to enter the building, a quick nip to Sky/BBC makes it rather plainly clear that the place is pile of rubble, nothing survived...

  23. breakfast Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    That list of labels in full

    So in addition to Sony the following labels who are less able to soak the damage also held stock there:

    1234, 2020 Vision, Accidental, Ad Altiora, Adventures Close to home , Alberts , All City , Alt Delete, Ambush Reality, Angular, Ark, ATC, Atic, Atlantic Jaxx, Azuli, B Unique, Backyard, Bad Sneakers, Bandstock, Banquet, Beggars, Big Chill, Big Dada, Big Life / Nul / Sindy Stroker, Boombox, Border Community, Boysnoize, Brille, Bronzerat, Brownswood, Buzzin Fly, Can You Feel It, Catskills, ChannelFly, Chemikal Underground, City Rockers, Counter, D Cypher, Dance To The Radio, Deceptive, Def Jux, Dirtee Stank, Divine Comedy, Domino, Drag City, Drive Thru, Drowned in Sound, Duophonic, Eat Sleep / Sorepoint, Electric Toaster, Emfire, F. Comm, Fabric, Faith And Hope, Fantastic Plastic, Fargo, FatCat, Feraltone, Finders Keepers / Twisted Nerve, Fingerlickin', Flock, Free Range, From The Basement, Full Time Hobby, Goldsoul, Gronland, Groove Attack, Halftime, Hassle ,Heron. Hum&Haw, Independiente, Info UK, Join Us, Kartel, Kensaltown, Kitsune, Kompakt, Laughing Stock, Leftroom, Lex, Lo Max, Loose, Love Box, Lowlife, Lucky Number, Marquis Cha Cha, Memphis Industry, Merok, Metroline, Mute, Naïve, Nation, Navigator. New World, Ninja Tune, Nuclear Blast ,One Little Indian, Output / People in the Sky / Process, Pale Blue, Palm, Peacefrog, PIAS Recordings, PIP 555 Productions, Play To Work, Powerhouse (T2), Propaganda / Ho Hum, Raw Canvas, Red Grape, Red Telephone Box, Rekids, Renaissance, Respect Productions (PES digital), Reveal Records, SMG, Rock Action, Roots, Rough Trade, Rough Trade Comps, Rubyworks, Ruffa Lane, Search And Destroy, Secret Sundaze, Secretly Canadian / Jagjaguwar / Dead Oceans, Sell Yourself, Setanta, Shatterproof, Sideone Dummy, Slam Dunk, Smalltown, Soma, Something In Construction, Sonar Kollectiv, Soul Jazz, Southern Fried, Stranded Soldier, Subliminal, Sunday Best, TARGO, Taste, Ten Worlds, Thrill Jockey, Total Fitness, Touch And Go, Track And Field, TriTone, Trouble, Try Harder, Turk, Turnstile, Twenty 20, Underworld, Union Square, Urban Torque, Vagrant, Vice, Victory, Wagram , Wall Of Sound, Warp, Wi45 , Wonky Atlas, Word And Sound, Xtra Mile, You Are Here.

    ( from here: )

  24. Christian Berger

    Let's do some translation

    warehouse = Lager (in German)

    fire = Feuer (in German)



    1. Scotty


      Regardless that it was *Spit* Sonys depo, 750 people until last night worked there.

    2. Paul_Murphy

      hmm.. and 'bon' is french for 'good'

      Have we thought this through enough? :-)


  25. Christopher 1

    Nintendo Sony team-up confirmed by bashed bloke!

    "Holding a bunch of Sony stuff, like Wii Consoles..." Wait, what...?

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where do I click...?

    to pledge my £10 for a cannister of tear-gas and a packet of cable ties to deal with the next time someone steps out of line.

    The TV news is sadly taking part in the whole affair, and Blackberry etc should be shut down / archives made available as required.

    That is all.

  27. Anonymous Coward

    Fire Protection

    Can someone enlighten us with regards to what fire prevention systems would have been in place?

  28. Alan Brown Silver badge

    toxic smoke

    I really wouldn't want to be downwind of that lot. Lots of cyanide compounds for starters.

    It will be interesting to see how many people are at the core of organising things.

    The cops have arrested 450+ people - along with everything in their pockets. I'm sure they have plenty of evidence that BBMs and other formats were being used to organise/direct the crowds.

    1. Mr Larrington

      Re: toxic smoke

      The powers that be yesterday were advising people living to the south-east of the warehouse to stay inside and keep doors and windows closed. It's still chucking out enough smoke to be visible from over ten miles away, though the wind has changed direction.

  29. Anonymous Coward

    Hope this doesn't spark a riot

    Hope the scum-bag rioters don't get too upset that they can't get their new PS3 games. They might riot!

    1. MJI Silver badge

      FPS Games for real

      Perhaps if we can't have Resistance 3 we can pretend looters are Chimera.

      Can I have a Bullseye and a Rossmore please?

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thanks for that nfo breakfast

    I work with many of those labels. Nuclear Blast, Vagrant, Vice, Victory, Fat Cat, Mute, Propaganda/Ho Hum, Secretly Canadian, Sideone Dummy, Touch and Go, and perhaps quite a few others.

  31. Dean Hajas

    Slave 4 Truth

    Since SONY has a reputation for taking "Music" and Intellectual Properties without prior written consent from it's original owner(s), Mr. Michael Dean Hajas has on all accounts warned Howard Stringer and Gary Wade Leak of the potential financial outcome that could arise. Britney Spears released "Slave For You" through Zomba / Robert John "Mutt" Lange, with Matt Haywood of HHO Publishing in 2001 without signing a publishing contract. After 89 million sales of Mr. Michael Dean Hajas creation, renumeration has not taken place from any of the continents that sold this illegally obtained "ART". Many attempts have been made to communicate with these "corporate thieves" to no avail, and it is with the great regret to see the facade of the "American Affiliated Business" community, along with the Library of Congress and it's people following a path of financial destruction that will take generations to overcome. During interview with Radio One of Detroit in May of 2008, I publicly proclaimed that United States of America was under financial attack(s) by China, to which the reply was one of rebuke. Now the financial Global Status Quo is in "dire" position, with the entire European Community at risk, with it's Western cohorts, leading the way. This synopsis will continue Globally until there is a 100 % written public apology by all those affiliated with the assumption of Mr. Michael Dean Hajas Intellectual Properties, accompanied by renumeration of 100 million dollars in GOLD bullion.

    My greatest apology is for those who had nothing to do with this Intellectual Property theft, and the financial burden that has been place over you. If you are tired of the financial status and your current situation, it is recommended to demand accountability by SONY BMG/ ZOMBA / ROBERT JOHN "MUTT" LANGE / Britney Spears, Eric Lavine, Gary Wade Leak, Howard Stringer, Matt Haywood.

    This Global Financial Crisis will continue to escalate until the United States of America offers up it's corporate accountability by full investigation to be made public by Congress and it's authorities.

    Peace be with you all.......this winter of 2012, will be the crippler, Mark My Word!

    Mr. Michael Dean Hajas

    1. MJI Silver badge

      This reads like a phishing email

      I have no idea what he said!

  32. Anonymous Coward

    Incalculable losses

    "... "We cannot determine the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage yet because it's not possible to enter the building," the spokeswoman said. "

    inb4 damages number equal to the GDP of several planet Earths.

  33. David 45

    No precautions?

    Hmm. No sprinkler system? Did seem to go up with remarkable speed and ferocity.

  34. Purlieu

    Civil Unrest

    This was not civil unrest.

    It was smashing up and thieving.

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