back to article Sony confirms investigation into warehouse blaze is underway

Sony has confirmed that the huge blaze at its Digital Audio Disc Corporation (DADC) distribution centre in Enfield, north London, last night is being investigated by police. It said the company first learned of a fire at the warehouse at 23:30 on Monday (8 August) night. "There have been no injuries to employees," Sony said …


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  1. M7S

    Do these places not require sprinkler systems

    If not, why not?

    If so, what when wrong?

    1. Alan 6

      sprinklers not totally effective

      Sprinklers just use water, if it's an electrical fire they make things worse, if the fire is started with petrol or oil then they do no good at all.

      Only really useful with wood or paper fires, not when you have thousands of tonnes of plastic going up in flames

  2. mrtom84

    must have been geohotz!

    as per title

  3. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Still going on

    My Missus phoned me about 4pm UK, we live about 5-6 miles away, she said the smoke is still rising from whatever is happening over there!

  4. Dean Hajas

    Slave 4 Truth

    Since SONY has a reputation for taking "Music" and Intellectual Properties without prior written consent from it's original owner(s), Mr. Michael Dean Hajas has on all accounts warned Howard Stringer and Gary Wade Leak of the potential financial outcome that could arise. Britney Spears released "Slave For You" through Zomba / Robert John "Mutt" Lange, with Matt Haywood of HHO Publishing in 2001 without signing a publishing contract. After 89 million sales of Mr. Michael Dean Hajas creation, renumeration has not taken place from any of the continents that sold this illegally obtained "ART". Many attempts have been made to communicate with these "corporate thieves" to no avail, and it is with the great regret to see the facade of the "American Affiliated Business" community, along with the Library of Congress and it's people following a path of financial destruction that will take generations to overcome. During interview with Radio One of Detroit in May of 2008, I publicly proclaimed that United States of America was under financial attack(s) by China, to which the reply was one of rebuke. Now the financial Global Status Quo is in "dire" position, with the entire European Community at risk, with it's Western cohorts, leading the way. This synopsis will continue Globally until there is a 100 % written public apology by all those affiliated with the assumption of Mr. Michael Dean Hajas Intellectual Properties, accompanied by renumeration of 100 million dollars in GOLD bullion.

    My greatest apology is for those who had nothing to do with this Intellectual Property theft, and the financial burden that has been place over you. If you are tired of the financial status and your current situation, it is recommended to demand accountability by SONY BMG/ ZOMBA / ROBERT JOHN "MUTT" LANGE / Britney Spears, Eric Lavine, Gary Wade Leak, Howard Stringer, Matt Haywood.

    This Global Financial Crisis will continue to escalate until the United States of America offers up it's corporate accountability by full investigation to be made public by Congress and it's authorities.

    Peace be with you all.......this winter of 2012, will be the crippler, Mark My Word!

    Mr. Michael Dean Hajas

    1. Anonymous Coward

      And not a shit was given

      As per title

    2. MJI Silver badge

      I have no idea what he means

      Looks like full scale gobbledegook!

    3. Anonymous Coward

      At last!

      We finally know the real name of amanfrommars!

  5. Rattus Rattus

    I was against the rioters before... I'm starting to feel maybe they're not all bad.

    1. Ru

      Read again.

      Sony will ultimately shrug this off.

      It is the smaller labels who relied on the warehouse as a storage and distribution centre who are going to suffer the most here; I expect some to fold as a result whilst sony just carry on regardless with a slightly lighter wallet.

    2. MJI Silver badge

      So destruction of property

      Including lots of indy records is OK now?

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